Food, planning, and trying to listen...

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Food, planning, and trying to listen...

I don't know if this truly qualifies as an "intuitive eating" post because I am not even close to that part of the program. I am at 4 weeks without a B/P episode. I don't remember the last time in my life this has been the case. I am very proud of myself and trying to be patient. I feel so much better and want to continue this life. I am still unable to go to the bathroom naturally even with the probiotics, teas, and sensitive food choices. It makes it so difficult to continue the SE while feeling bloated and toxic. I am finding that I often want salmon. I thought about the fat and omegas and noticed I've been wanting walnuts as well. Is there something to this? I am also craving fresh fruits and veggies, but still feel like I am eating sooooo much. I am now PMS-ing and feel like I want to eat more than every 3 hours. Thoughts? Is this still my body adjusting? I am battling the food demons when I sit down to eat and have a hard time focusing on the food in front of me. I know this is long, but your input is appreciated. Thank you!

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Hey congrats on 4 weeks. I

Hey congrats on 4 weeks. I am at five weeks b/p free so we are at similar stages. Somedays I go to the toilet somedays I don't I feel bloated and like their are toxins inside me too. You say you are making sensitive food choices, I assume you mean foods that's help keep you regular. Are you including fibre and fats in your diet? I didn't realise how important fats were in keeping me regular. Try some healthy fats like nuts, olive oil in dressings, avocardo and oily fish like salmon as you were saying as see if it makes a difference. I love salmon and walnuts and oftien crave salmon too, I need to have it atleast once a week, are you giving into your cravings? I think your body is asking for some healthy fats, what have you got to lose by giving it a go and seeing the difference in makes on your bowels and wellbeing in general. Try not to worry about eating soooo much, week four isn't about eating soooo much, the few months (3-6 months they say in e-book) are about the structured eating and eating a balanced meal of protien, carbs and fat. Make a commitment that the size of what you are eating is not your focus right now, you can worry about that later when you come to intuitive eating and know what any "over eating" will be sorted then. Six months until you sort that problem out may seem like a long time but if you compare it to how long you have been b/p and how how many more years you will be be b/p free and intuitively eating it's not that long in the scheme of things. PMSing DOES make you hungrier, so eat more, up each portion of your meal to a larger size, restricting when you are feeling hungry only leads to b/p, if you eat more you are less likely to b/p so will actually consume LESS long term. I am teaching myself the same when I am exercising. If I have been for a long run, the next 24 hours I make sure every meals in bigger and then I don't feel so hungry. If I ever try to eat the same as when I haven't been exercising all I want to do is binge, because my poor body is asking for much needed more food. Yes your body is adjusting, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically, so be kind to yourself, love yourself :) Take a few deep breathes before every meal and eat so slowly and savour every mouthful, enjoy the process. I hope this helps. Keep up all your efforts and hardwork, you are doing fabulously.

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