Forgotten how to judge whether I'm 'full'

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Forgotten how to judge whether I'm 'full'

As I have spent so long restricting my food intake, and as a result bingeing, I feel as though I now can't identify when I'm 'full'. I often feel if I don't stop myself from eating during my regular meals it will turn into a binge.
I need to learn to listen to my hunger and be able to identify when I need to eat and when I should stop, but at the moment this is something I am really struggling with.

Has anybody else experience something similar?
Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated (:

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Hello, I struggle with this

Hello, I struggle with this too. One thing that works for me is stopping after I have had my planned meal and waiting a bit of time, for example 20mins. If I still feel hungry at that point, I probably am hungry and need to have a bit more food.

Sometimes though, I notice that I don't feel hungry (after 20mins) at all- I just wanted to carry on eating in order to avoid something stressful/boring that I'd have to do "after lunch"...!

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Have you used the Guided

Have you used the Guided Eating audio from this site? I found that really helpful at the beginning - and although I couldn't use it as often as I'd have like to due to rarely eating my meals alone, it really helped. Even now, just thinking about Ali's calming voice on the audio can help me focus. She talks you through the meal and helps you become aware of how your body is feeling. Would really recommend that you give it a go if you can. xxx

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Both great advice thankyou! I

Both great advice thankyou!
I have been trying to wait after meals also, I definitely think it helps.
In regards to the audio, I listened to it for the first time today, but as you said I can't always rely on that due to eating dinner with my family etc, but I will definitely keep it in mind opportunities when I can listen to it! Thanks (: xx

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I am struggle so much with

I am struggle so much with this issue right now. I feel like I add the portion to my plate and when I am done I don't feel full yet so I eat a little more and then I am stuffed and feel awful! I also am having a problem with getting headaches after eating too much, it isn't that I binged I just haven't quite figured out how to tell I am full yet. I am currently working on eating more slowly so the full feeling will come with out me over eating but I think I might try waiting some extra time before I eat a little more to make sure that I am still hungry and not just mindlessly eating!! Hope recovery it treating you well!

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I'm in day two of my recovery

I'm in day two of my recovery journey. I feel so fat and bloated. My face is puffy and I have a fat stomach. This is so hard

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