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I've been having a very hard time dealing with my best friend throughout recovery. I feel like I'm not close with alot of my former friends so in certain situations I feel overwhelmed with social anxiety and need to take a mental break. I'll go to my room or step outside, whatever I need to do to center myself. They don't know about my ED so there's nothing I can really say besides just excuse myself for a bit.

My best friend is very focused and worried about how other people perceive her and she always somehow feels like I'm a reflection on her. In situations where I have to step out for a bit she gets upset with me and says I'm being rude and just basically ignoring the fact that this is a big victory for me that I'm even able to do this and start taking care of myself.

I'm trying to tell myself that throughout this process I'm going to be misunderstood quite often and instead of trying to explain myself to every single person I just do what I need to do in the moment and not focus on what other people will be thinking.

Have any of you come across this with any of your friends? How do you deal?

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There's no need to explain. I

There's no need to explain. I actually need my best friend right now that I've had for 16 years. I would love to have her support but she started drifting away about a year ago and it's just not something I can share with her now. Even though friends may not understand, u need to focus on u and your health and not focus on others.

Hope never fades!

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