Full disclosure : My name , my book , my movie and my THANKS TO YOU

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Full disclosure : My name , my book , my movie and my THANKS TO YOU

Oh guys,

I don't even know where to start. And I don't know why it took me so long to write this but here we go.

In the last year I did not only finaly recover but also write a book about it .

It was a huge success in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

It changed the way people talk about bulimia now totally. We were in 82 newspapers , on tv and radio.

I started seeing hope for the first time here.
I felt so alone and lost. And I remember writing "I wish the world would be like this blog and people would care" . And since I think the world should be more like this blog I decided to go the next step and produce a movie about bulimia to bring it to schools for free. Cause thats when most of us started getting lost - when we were very young.
You can see our project here. I hope we get funded and can get the message out .

Guys, I love every one of you so much. I wish you would know how amazing you are !!!

Everything will be ok in the end. And if it is not ok - its not the end.






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