Gain my control back !!!!

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Gain my control back !!!!

3 Years ago i suffered from eating disorder. i lost a lot of weight. After breaking up with my fiancé ( i was in abusive and controlling relationship) i started my journey through recovery. I gained 10 pound witch was fine for me. i didn't binge or purge for 3 months. Then, i moved to California for school and start new beginning. i started doing drugs, getting drunk and hooking up with random guys to forget my ex and my past and feel loved. In the end, i felt lost. I hated myself. i felt worthless and ugly. i started binging and purging again. The more i gain weight the more i hated my self and my body. I failed all my classes. Now , i learned a lot from what i did. I wanna gain my control back, improve my self confidence and love my self more than anything else.


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We become bulimic for many

We become bulimic for many reasons sometimes it is what you describe and we think that bulimia will keep us attractive because we can eat whatever we want in the quantities we want and stay thin. Best kept secret. Except it isn't. Bulimia is nothing but a filthy lie and it is soul destroying and robs our self esteem, our health and it doesn't even make you thin, you need some anorexia for that. Your past history with abusive relationships and poor self esteem was only made worse with bulimia and I hope this is a starting point for you to deal with your issues and get your life back on track. You deserve better. We are here to support you through this process of recovery in any way we can.

When you are going through hell, keep going.

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