Is getting a hormone IUD a bad idea? help!

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Is getting a hormone IUD a bad idea? help!

I've recently started a potential relationship and it's got me thinking about safety in the future (I don't believe this is unreasonable considering I'm heading off to college in six months anyhow).
I have researched various types of birth control and have found that hormone IUD's seem to be the most cost effective and overall effective form of birth control available, but I'm a little concerned because of all of the talk of potential weight gain. Even though the studies only claim 5% it seems a little concerning.
I'm just wondering if anyone has had experience with these and what I may be able to expect, I'm not so much worried about a little weight gain, I'd just like to know in advance what to expect considering more supprises seem to be the last thing in need in my recovery right now!
Thank you so much!

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I don't know who it would

I don't know who it would affect you as we're all different. Personally I noticed no change while taking birth control. All I know is that it damaged my ovaries slightly along with ED it's making starting a family now very difficult. I wouldn't recommend birth control to anyone although I know it can be a necessary evil.

However if you do start taking it, there are many worse side effects/long term effects than weight gain.

i hope you find what works for you. *Hugs*

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