Getting rid of credit cards?

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Getting rid of credit cards?

After a seemingly endless string of days of binging, no matter what I tried to do to stop, I got fed up and sent my credit cards home to my mom this morning.

I'll still be able to get money from the bank if I need it for something, but it will at least make it more difficult to binge, I think, as I'd have to plan ahead and take time to get money, rather than buy food on first impulse.

Obviously this isn't a permanent solution, as I do like to carry my credit cards on me, but I am hoping that this will help at least break the cycle for a few days.

Anyone else done this, had success with it?

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Hi there. I had a look at

Hi there. I had a look at your profile, and it doesn't seem like you've been here in the last year - so chances are you won't see my reply. I noticed it in the 'related content' area below a thread I was reading... and the title caught my eye. It did so because giving my credit cards (and debit card) to someone else is a strategy I used for the last 7 years to break the back of a binge which I couldn't end on my own.

What I did was I'd spend all the cash in my wallet, and stock the fridge up with vegetables and healthy foods. When I lived by myself I would either post my cards to myself by slow post (in the UK you can send things by 2nd class post and it takes about 3-5 days). Later when I lived with other people I'd give them to a flatmate to hang onto - telling them that I was wasting money on the internet, and could they keep them for me for a week.

That used to work perfectly until I got a job where I had an identity card for swiping into the building. I could use that as ID at the bank, telling them I'd let my cards at home - and I could withdraw money over the counter. In the end I'd give my cards to flatmate, and I would also tell a trusted friend... and I would PROMISE her that I'd not go to the bank. I'm very good at keeping my promises (I have a fear of the boy who cried wolf, so don't ask for help if I'm not going to take it, for fear it'll not be given again).

So, in short, yes, giving your cards to someone else definitely does work - and I have 7 long years of experience of doing it.

MD x

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