Getting through the festive season!!

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Getting through the festive season!!

Hi everyone,

As you all know... Christmas is drawing closer. For all those who celebrate Xmas you all know it's a time when food is abundance! This can put a lot of pressure on many... especially those with bulimia. Personally I used to dread the festive season! However, it does not have to be this way. Here are some helpful tips to help get you by the festive holiday...

1.  Under no circumstances don't diet on the days/weeks leading up to Xmas! (Or ever). If you are restricting food you will know what will happen... you will BINGE! Remember food restriction is the number 1 reason for binging – Therefore if you are hungry or have dropped below your weight set point; all the food will seem 10 times more appealing and it will make overeating and binging incredibly easy to do and incredibly hard to resist... so don't let this one ruin your festive fun. Start structured eating now and notice improvements for the coming weeks.
2. It can be very helpful to plan your day ahead. (Visualization can greatly help you see the day ahead and how you want it to run). Get out your note pad - if you are a premium user then you can 'take notes' & off course you have the added bonus of having your online food journal, which also helps greatly.
In your notes: Write down who will be there, where it will be, what food will be available and when you will eat. Write down also your fears and visualise yourself successfully overcoming them. This might mean visualizing eating a normal meal under particular conditions.

3.  It’s easy fear Xmas day due too much food and over-indulgence. One recommendation is to start thinking about other things to enjoy on the day. Think of a family member you want to know better and plan out in advance that you are going to pay extra attention to him/her. Know that you're going not just to be involved in a big meal but to ask your aunt/uncle/grandmother/cousin that question you've always wanted to ask, or to make someone else very happy and feel special.

4. Put everything you eat on a plate and make a conscious effort to sit down and eat it with awareness, even if you are lifting out handfuls of nuts from a bowl. It is easy to eat and eat if you are nervous, happy, excited or feeling sad. Generating awareness each time you eat can really help you be AWARE of what is going into your mouth and stop overeating and binging happening.
Believe me, you'll enjoy food a lot more if you sit down and put everything on a plate. Getting more out of the experience can help you to stop going back for more.

7. Start making entries into your food journal now. If you have not already make a start on structured eating. This will greatly help binging!
When you write down ALL your food daily you also have the ability to write down your thoughts, feelings and emotions that you are feeling now and on the running up to Xmas day. This will help clear your mind and can help you spot patterns in your binging. Read about the benefits of self-monitoring.

8. Most of all try and have a good time on Xmas! Laugh and enjoy time with your family, friends pet or if you are by yourself treat yourself to something nice... a massage chair, fancy bubble bath or nice jewellery... after all you are the most important person on earth!

Merry Christmas everyone!

If you have got any recovery helpful hints... make sure you share them.. tis the season for sharing after all!


Ali Kerr
Recovery is so very very possible!

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Our family always has a

Our family always has a tradition of having a 1000-5000 peice puzzle going on a side table that is accesible at anytime that anybody can work on thrugh out the day. This year its something i may just head over to the puzzle table after meals, that or its always helpful to clean up. Hope this helps <3

"I have held many things in my hands and lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God's hands, that I still possess." -- Martin Luther

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Oh I love the sound of a big

Oh I love the sound of a big puzzle! My daughter loves puzzles...maybe I just have to get a good one that we can do together to keep me distracted. As much as I love my folks, their dysfuctional relationship is hard to deal with at times and is a reason for the start of my ED issues...not blaming them just realized it was a coping mechanism and am now working at forgiveness and putting that behind me and loving them for who they are. Oh the holidays...not necessarily looking forward to this year. I'm hoping I get more excited as they get closer.

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I'm hoping this year - well,

I'm hoping this year - well, I'm going to make it!! - is the first year I don't throw up my Christmas dinner in over 10 years.............
What an achievement that would be!

If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian. ~Paul McCartney

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It is totally possible to do

It is totally possible to do it, Saz. I did it last year for the first time in 16 years! It felt totally great. I did have pudding and I did have a few chocolates and I did feel like I'd eaten a bit more than I felt comfortable with but it really was OK and honestly, if I tell you how much I was WHOOPING the next day when the realisation hit me that I'd just survived XMAS for the first time in my adult life without my head down the loo. Well... no feeling compares to it :)


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Thanks Ems ;-) I'd always pig

Thanks Ems ;-)
I'd always pig out at dinner, eat all the left-overs, have 2 desserts with the works... then head off to the front room to raid the chocolates bowl mum always has on the side etc etc, then sneak off to you know what... thats all I can remember for sooo many Christmas dinners... :-( Its very sad isn't it...
Well this year, thats not going to happen! i'm going to do it all properly and like normal people and if I over-eat a little? Well then I do - its Christmas for god's sake - its normal!
Wish me luck! It will help massively that I'm actually spending Christmas with my husbands family for the first time this year - less opportunity!!
Goodness, pretty much only a month til Christmas!

If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian. ~Paul McCartney

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Thats my goal this year too

Thats my goal this year too Saz. I have tried in the past to at least make it through xmas with purging, but so far since I was 15 it has not happened! I had been feeling so excited about xmas until my relapse a couple of weeks back. Now the thought of xmas day makes me nervous. I just hope I get my act together before December so I can feel confident in advance and excited again.

Maybe I will try that puzzle idea!! Sounds like a brilliant idea. That or go out fishing and do summery stuff because it will be summer where I am!!

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