getting thru halloween

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getting thru halloween

hi, i went to the store to get my regular groceries, and now i must fight w/ the halloween isle. i failed and got a bag and ate the whole bag when i got home, then purged a ton until i think i really hurt myself. i thought i had more food in my stomach but only bile was coming up and i think i went to far. how do i know when to stop and realize no more food in my stomach and stop before i die??!!!

the life of ALY.
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I am fearing the same thing.

I am fearing the same thing. I don't know if I should even go to the grocery store tomorow. It's been my second non-purge day & I am scare that if I relapse I wont be able to get bac kon track. Food shopping makes me panic :/


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I used to love Easter &

I used to love Easter & Halloween now i dread them! :( Stay strong babe X/x

Be your own best friend and don’t forget to wink at yourself now and then.

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Im so worried for Halloween..

Im so worried for Halloween.. A couple friends and I planned to give out treats this year and I'm so nervous it's going mess everything up.. It's day two that's been good and I'm so worried.
Stay strong girls! Xoxox

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Halloween isn't very big in

Halloween isn't very big in Australia but it's gradually creeping in to popular culture. I used to live in the US so I'm so tempted to order in a whole heap of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and candy corn but I know what it will do to me. Instead this year I'm going to spend the night with my gentleman friend watching horror movies in the attic! He's really supportive of me during this time so it will be a good distraction. Plus for food ideas, I'm going to do a healthy pumpkin, pinenut and spinach salad and a small steak with pumkin mash. I won't feel guity about these and I'll have John there to keep me from going crazy!

Good luck everyone. Fingers crossed!

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