Goals: Here is mine. what is yours?

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Goals: Here is mine. what is yours?

Okay...............I have a goal. I want to be rid of this vicious disease by my 30th birthday. That is in September. September 13, I will be 20 and will mark 13 years of having eating disorders. I AM DONE WITH IT! What are your goals? AND, how are we going to get there?

Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right. " -Henry Ford

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My ultimate goal is to

My ultimate goal is to achieve a full recovery by the end of this year.

My short-term goals are:
1) To continue to visit this site and offer strength and support to others.
2) To continue practicing intuitive eating.
3) To become comfortable with full sugar liquids by slowly introducing them into my diet.
4) To continue with my exercise routine and train for a half marathon completely b/p-free.
5) To be 100% comfortable at my set point weight.

So there you have it. Hold me accountable :)
We can do this!

No binge tastes as good as HEALTHY FEELS!

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My goal right now is to not

My goal right now is to not b/p one day, i am started slow and going to work my way up. A day, a week, a month. one step at a time.

Walk not Run:)

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Britta: I LOVE IT! Great

Britta: I LOVE IT! Great goals! I think knowing other people's goals hold us accountable!
Mackenzie: Awesome. DAY BY DAY. I know how you feel. Every day is either good/bad. like 100 or 0. day. by. little. day.
(by the way, in my goals, I"m going to be 30 in sept, not 20)

Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right. " -Henry Ford

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Britta, Mackenzie, TootieSuz,

Britta, Mackenzie, TootieSuz, you are my first "Forum fellow passengers"!!
Today is my DAY 1. I know, I know, I have a long long long way to go.. I am aware of it and maybe that's why it took me so long to fix my DAY 1.
I prefer to set one goal at the time, I think this will help me to remain vigilant and stay focused on the present moment without feeling overwhelmed by the long way I still have to go.
My first goals are:
1) Go to the dentist on Saturday and tell him the truth about the cause of the condition of my front teeth. Get the usual temporary filling done and feel for once that I can really let my teeth resting because I am not going to eat everyday all day.
2) Work on a meal plan tonight and be able to follow it until I am ready to pass to the next level. Try to follow the guided-eating-audio as much as possible (when I am alone).
3) Replace the habit of visiting supermarkets or groceries just before going back home or going there just on the purpose of buying food which will be dedicated to the daily binge.

There you are! Sharing this with you feels really good. I hope I can reach my first 3 goals.

Do you have already any suggestion, tip, comment that you think could be useful to go to DAY 2?

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Great idea for a post! I went

Great idea for a post! I went about 6 months b/p free the first half of 2011.. then slowly have returned to daily b/p-ing.. SO my goal is to get a handle on this and be nearly b/p free again by May 18th, my wedding day!!! I want to be healthy and glowing and happy on that day! I did it before, and I can do it again, and this time my ultimate goal is to not let a relapse turn into full blown bulimia again!

The walls we build around us
to keep out the sadness
also keep out the joy.

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Great topic! I made a list of

Great topic! I made a list of 12 "goals" or experiences I want for 2012. A few of them are:
1. morning affirmations/ nightly prayer for healing
2. consecutive month b/p free
3. fall in love
4. face a huge fear
5. hiking trip to the mountains

Beth G

Sa Lionne
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I love this forum. My goals

I love this forum.
My goals are:
1) To find a way to break the habit of BPing on the weekends
2) To make recovery my first priority and stop making excuses
3) To learn to always congratulate myself for my accomplishments and forgive myself for my mistakes
4) To adopt a dog !
Big love to all

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