Going to the GP for the first ime

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Going to the GP for the first ime

Hi everyone,
I'm heading to the GP for the first time regarding these issues and I'm not sure what to expect.
I'm a bit nervous as I've never seen her before, but apparently she specialises in this area.
What is likely to happen? I'm expecting to get weighed, but does this just happen in the regular clothing I'm wearing? I'm just really unsure what to expect.
Hope everyone is doing well

Stay strong :)

Catherine Liberty
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When I went to my gp about a year ago

She was really lovely and supportive in some ways. Are you in the uk? I guess procedures are different everywhere but I can tell you what happened to me.

She discussed some things about my ed with me, also discussed other issues such as depression and anxiety. She weighed me and measured me. It will just be in what you are wearing with your shoes off I should think.

She then sent me for blood tests because she needed these results back before she could make a referal. So I guess you could expect something similar.

In that instance I never attended my referal meeting, I was in a bad place, and I knew that after Id been seen id just go on a huge waiting list, I decided not too, but I think I would have started recovery much earlier and with more support if I would have just stuck with things.

My gp also suggested that she prescribe me with anti-depressants. They just love to do that! After my rant about numbing of feelings and my total attack on her about offering other support systems first and how doctors always want to take the easy way out (I was a but harsh haha but I have strong feelings on this issue) she didn't prescribe them for me.

But dont worry lovely ,they deal with eating disorders a lot more these days and are supposed to have had a lot more training in this area, let us know how it goes x x

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thanks hun, that does help.

thanks hun,
that does help. I'm in Australia. And apparently she specialises with ED's so yeah hopefully it's positive.
I appreciate you sharing your experience with me!
Hope you are doing well at the moment.

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Thinking of telling the Doctor, not sure ...

I have been thinking about telling my Doctor for a while now, but keep finding an excuse not to ... chickening out.
He tried to help me through my anorexic phases, when it was realy bad and obvious; and last time I was there (for the flu), he said "do I need to be worried about you having problems with anorexia again?". Of course I said "No" (cluck, cluck, cluck!).
But, now I am realy determined to recover properly, I'm wondering if it is time to take a concrete pill, harden up, and deal to this.

Wold appreciate advice on this, and what to expect.

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today is the day

So tonight is the appointment with the GP,
I'm a bit nervous, coz I guess this is when I fully commit to recovery, like I know I am trying, but right now I've only really got myself to be accountable to if that makes sense.
I feel like I've put on weight too which does help.
Well, we'll see how it goes.

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good luck

congrats in going to the docs, let us know how you get on x

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i went...
it was okay, the lady was nice. she didnt say much.
just referred me to a nice lady psychologist that specialises in EDs. But i rang her and im now on a waiting list... so i feel like ive achieved nothing.
she didnt even weigh me! just asked me how tall i was and how much i weighed.
i have to go back so we can develop a 'care plan', so maybe that'll help more. I dunno, i just dont feel like ive gained anything. I guess i feel more confident that I can actually do this, even if it is on my own..

Catherine Liberty
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Aw waitings lists suck hunni

Did she say how long you would have to wait to meet with the psychologist? I think developing a care plan will make it seem like things are moving along a little more, and while you haven't gained anything as yet, you will. Its such a shame that we have to wait for these things but once everything gets going im sure it will be so worthwhile!

When do you have to go back to make your care plan? Until then you can still continue to make progress yourself and make plans for your future, hopefully your wait wont be too long x x

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