going on holiday anxiety

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going on holiday anxiety

hey everyone! Writing to you all lifts my spirits.
I've been living in Japan for a while now and have always had to deal with everything on my own so it's nice to chatt!
I decided a month ago to quit my job and to learn how to relax and be myself again.
Anyway next week my sister and her friend are coming over to help me pack but also to go on a little trip.
I'm excited but very anxious! Eating out everyday scares me and the idea that there's only carbs n no fats or vice versa is nerve wracking. My sisters friend is also gluten free and it's very difficult for me to cutt anything out so I was wondering if anyone had any advice?
Shud I just bring snacks on my own?

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Does your sister know about

Does your sister know about your eating disorder?
It most certainly sound like it would make sense to bring your own snacks as it might take some of your anxiety away knowing that you have it.
It can also be good to realise that many foods contain
both carbs and protein even if you don't think of them as such. It is almost always possible to ask for extras to a meal, or to ask then to remove something out of the menu.
Don't be afraid to be the "annoying" one with a lot of questions where you eat. Perhaps you can talk to your sister about your anxiety.

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