Going out for dinner but never knowing what to eat

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Going out for dinner but never knowing what to eat

Hey there, I am happy to say everyday I'm feeling more energetic and more relaxed.
Ive been making my own food which has helped alot but now i struggle to pick what i want to eat outside.
i want to hang out with people more so I challenged myself to go where my friends wanted to go.
I have to say everything in the menu was big dishes of pasta pizza etc.
Very little veges n healthy fats. Anyway it took ages to for me to decide what to eat...
Does anyone else have that anxiety?

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Hi there, I've found that

Hi there, I've found that knowing where you are going in advance can help, because I look up the menu online before I go. It gives me the time to decide what I want, without the pressure of having everyone else all ready to order and me flapping about wondering what my best choice would be.


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I definitely second Lea's

I definitely second Lea's comment. I stress about eating out too. Sometimes it helps me to split with someone (no one can point at how much you did or didn't eat). Also at most places you can make requests, don't forget! If you want less cheese on your pizza or to hold the dressing on the side, or even steamed veggies instead of fried, you are fully within your rights to request it. The worst that can happen is they say no.

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Thanks so much! Yea I tried

Thanks so much! Yea I tried today to eat Japanese food but clearly felt there wasn't enough healthy fats so was uber hungry at 5 and binged on nuts :s but I feel good that I didn't restrict like I used to or go too far

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I did the same as Lea during

I did the same as Lea during recovery, sometimes I still do because i don't wanna eat something I'm not in the mood for (intuitive eating overkill) I think all food should be enjoyed to the full.

If you feel it is missing somethign the meal you order, plan to have that as a evenign snack once you are home, or if you know in advance, have your veggies for lunch an dyour nuts for snack, or whatever it may be that your body is missing, or like me since without faiI get hungry every three hours or more often than that, I bring a snack with me in my purse at all times. nuts and dried fruits, or an apple, or a good bottle of juice, or whatever floats your boat :-)

Worth a try ;) All the best. Eating out is a huge phase of recovery.

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For me it's 1. PLAN 2. Avoid

For me it's 1. PLAN 2. Avoid /substitute frenchfries for something else 3. No appetizers 4. No alcohol 5. Doggie bag the rest.

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