Gross but, no more constipation wahoo!

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Gross but, no more constipation wahoo!

If there is one major physical change after two weeks its that I am now regular, yuss!! Makes me feel a whole lot better and lets me think that maybe my body is back on track. Gotta grab hold of every postive:)
Any other symptons or signs that your bodies are feeling better?

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Haha. YAY. Totally understand

Haha. YAY. Totally understand the enthusiasm. I pretty much jump out of my seat with joy every time I manage to go to the bathroom lol. Its such a rare occurance =P. How long did it take to normalize??

As for signs that my body is healing, havent felt much yet but I do know that after months of not nourishing myself, once I start to eat properly again I get hot flashes all the time. I feel like Im 50! I know they'll go away eventually so like with a lot of other things I try and see it as my body telling me that its on its way to health.

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I SO get celebrating not

I SO get celebrating not being constipated. Have you ever seen what a cat does, after it does its business, so to speak? It cleans up after itself and then runs off, almost bounding away, as if it suddenly feels light as air. Thats how I feel afterwards as well! I find if i havent gone for a few days, a big plate of vegetables (brussel sprouts, carrots, peas and brocoli) as part of my dinner does the trick. This does get way better in recovery, I have also found that when you are constipated, the best thing to do is not stress about it and know that you will go eventually. And then you can run off like a cat!!

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This whole forum made me

This whole forum made me smile - thanks guys :D


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This post has (as bizarre as

This post has (as bizarre as it sounds) made me feel more positive about getting back on track with my recovery. I have suffered from constipation for years n years to the point where I have to take laxatives to help me go. Is there any food, natural medicine etc that anyone could recommended to ease the discomfort?

Many thanks :)

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I have had huge problems with

I have had huge problems with constipation. I have never taken laxatives ever. When I joined this site my bulimia was at a good point. Sort of occasional. Now I have had full recovery for two months meaning absolutely no BP. My bowels still are not normal and I eat plenty of fiber. I am wondering if this is because of my eating disorder or maybe I am just this way.

When you are going through hell, keep going.

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Lindsay, From what doctors


From what doctors told me as well as what I found from information online, some people have slower bowl movement than others. Prune juice, banana are the answer for many who have this issue occassionally. Yakult with green tea, added ground flaxseed in juice, or drink water with a little salt as the first thing in the morning used to work like magic for me but not anymore when I have the same thing everyday. I also drank fibre but it just make me feel bloated. But it works for many also. But I do find that it tends to work if I have a lot pineapple and cantaloupe in the morning, give 10 mins to digest before having other type of food. Hope it works for you!

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Thanks Tantan. Prunes,

Thanks Tantan. Prunes, bananas, and flax didn't do much. However I think things are starting to pick up in that area. I thought my constipation was unrelated to my bulimia because nothing changed when I didn't BP for a few weeks. However now things gradually have gotten better. I guess it just took me a little longer to normalize, things are actually better this week than last. Ya hoo.

When you are going through hell, keep going.

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hey, haha i love the quote on

haha i love the quote on cats, made me giggle! I have been struggling with constipation for years and it only started along with the eating disorder. I have tried laxatives of all sorts, natural herbal teas, seeing a naturopath and getting natural supplements like pysullium husk etc., drinking cups of prune juice everyday, taking liquid chlorophyll, olive leaf extract, ordering supplements costing hundreds of dollars off the internet, digestive enzymes, literally everything and anything that you can think of i have tried. and still i am left with the classic constipated possum poo, haha sorry for tmi but it's true. any who, after having a bit of a break down at work, and by the way being purge free for 2 years now, wahoo!, still struggling with overeating a bit, but my boss said something to me that really opened my eyes, "no wonder you can't shit, your internalizing all your emotions, stuffing them down into you and their being bottled up having no where to go and eating out at your gut." ever heard of the mind and gut connection? well at this point i am really thinking that's whats happening, because still i am not acknowledging my emotions and don't know what to do with them, the stress and emotional anger frustration and sadness im feeling i just shut and stuff down with food or suppress it with excersise or cigarrettes, i do anything except FEEL them, therefore my body is most likely bottling up, contracting and not moving things through, just like my mind... anyways it was a total different perspective that really opened up my eyes and mind.
wishing you all well and health and happiness and love

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One the bloating goes its

One the bloating goes its amazing the huge difference you feel and look inside and out!

The bloating on my face took much longer to pass...almost 4 months. But it does go eventually. Eat properly and nutritionally and your body will re-balance itself to full working order!

'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

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