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group fitness instruction

AH! I'm a group fitness instructor at my school and I feel so STUPID.
As I'm recovering I'm gaining weight. I know I'm still not fat, but I'm visibly LARGER each month. I feel like such a hypocrite! And how can people trust me to get them into shape when I'm failing so terribly myself.
And people in my classes wear such cute workout clothes. BUT I CAN'T. Especially since it's a whole hour staring at myself in a room-length mirror.
I feel terrible and useless. I love my job but sometimes it feels so demeaning.

I've heard from other people with similar jobs before... HOW DO I HANDLE THIS????????

I feel like although I'm getting better with accepting my body in the real world, in this environment, the standards are still raised to be thin and fit. And although I'm in shape, I don't LOOK it so I don't feel credible :((((((

How are others of you facing this?

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Be encouraged

Hello I am a group fitness instructor as well. I think one of the most important things to remember is that a "healthy" body comes in all shapes and sizes. Just think about all the participants who are your size and how inspired they are by your fitness level. Not everyone is able to wear the tiny workout clothing and that's OK. They make cute stuff in larger sizes. So maybe finding some gear that you think you look fabulous in and showing your class that being strong, athletic and healthy does not mean that you are size 2,6 and etc. I teach at a club where a good percentage of the women are fitness competitors and they have very lean and toned bodies. I don't look bad, but I have to tell myself that there is someobody who is inspired my body. I represent millions of women who are in the double digits and I am beginning to take pride in that.(Learning to still have a loooonnnnnggggg ways to go) So continue to work your participants hard and show them what you are made of and at the end of class take some comfort in knowing that you are the leader, you are the one delivering an awesome class and motivating them to greatness.

Hopefully this helped a little.
Take care and God Bless!

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ellebee3, your beautiful!

Your gift of fitness is a beauty in itself.

You are not a hipocrite for recovering. I admire that you are getting better every month in addition to accepting your body. What you are doing takes an emmense amount of courage and strength.

People who judge you because of your weight have issues with themselves and are sucked into the superficial trivialities rather than having inner peace and loving others for what is within rather than what they see on the surface.

Tammy Lee Web was saying that people dont go around saying, "Nice liver", or "nice blood flow". Those are the important things, right?

ANyway, Keep you head high. Im sure you glow and all your students love you for helping them in so many ways you might not even be aware of.


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I want to apologize if I was offensive with some of my words. I was not thinking. I went back an edited some things that I thought were not appopriate and could have been very hurtful to someone reading it. So Sorry!

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i dont agree! i think u ll

i dont agree! i think u ll give more hope to be people that its okay to be fit, healthy and in a good body, not crazy thin! its those very slim people who got us in this mess anyway, what i mean is, aslong as u r healthy and fit in a healthy way, alot of people will learn that its okay to have some flesh on their body, since they see their fitness instruction happy with her full body.
i hope u understood my point.

You will face many defeats in your life, but never let yourself be defeated.

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thanks to all

I am healthy! And there are lots more things people should admire about me than how I look in tight-fitting workout clothes.

I know these things are true. I still have trouble believing it myself. But it certainly helps to think about it from these different perspectives.

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