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habit change - grazing


What your habit will be specifically -
eat only at mealtimes
What your trigger will be—the thing in your day that the habit will come after.
um.. not grazing.. Probably I should just use a clock for a trigger:)

How you'll remember—set up some reminders.
Should be okay, since my mealtimes are quite specified - 7, 11, 14, 18, 21 - or close
What your accountability will be. Will you have a partner or a group, or people you report to daily?
Does anyone want to buddy up for this? I can't come here often, but I do want some accountability.. Once a week should work.

Consequences: you can set rewards or some fun, embarrassing consequence, like having to sing in front of people on a Google Hangout.
Haha, no way for a hangout:))
But I could arrange something nice for me.
handstand class? nice, but monthly subscription is probably too much for just one week. Plus, I am not sure I will fit the class into my schedule..
Juicer? also nice... not that I really want it , it's more of a way to get nutrients without bloat in the diet..
hour to paint my nails? haha, this hour would be taken from my personal free hours - not sure it's a good switch for what I'm already doing
hunger games movie? In Brussels, tomorrow is the last day to see them in a movie. Damn! what's it about? why don't they show it more??
massage? um.. the same time problem as with nails.. only that i also need an appointment

flowers or handstand class be it. tbd later:)

Anyone wants to do something similar??

Jaded Lime
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Hi Samoshka, I think making

Hi Samoshka,

I think making goals to change habits that we dislike can be a positive thing for ourselves. I like the creative way that you have come up with to do this. I just wanted to question you about your "grazing" because it may not be as bad of a habit as you perceive and you may be able to overcome it a lot easier than you thought.
Some people prefer to eat a lot of smaller meals or "mini meals" more often through out the day. They are sometimes accused of being grazers but they actually could have a metabolic advantage to this eating style. If this is what your body is telling you it needs then it is perfectly okay. Are you eating enough? Maybe adding in more snacks in between meals could help. Because of bulimia our bodies are always expecting a starvation, deprivation and restriction on food from us. Our body will react by triggering a primal hunger which may be why you have the urge to "graze". Once you convince your body that you are not going to starve, deprive or restrict food any longer then these urges to eat will slowly disappear. This will take as long as your body needs to happen. It requires a lot of patience with yourself sometimes. Also, be careful not to make only eating at meal times a strict rule for yourself to follow. Sometimes its okay to eat without hunger because it is appropriate. Like at a birthday party. You may choose to eat a piece of cake along with everyone else who is celebrating even though you are not hungry or it is not mealtime. Im only giving you this advice because I wouldn't want to see you feel guilty or shameful over breaking this "rule" if you felt it was a rule. :)

Good luck with your goals! :) Keep moving forward!

Love alone is worth the fight. - Jon Foreman

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Haha, 3 days in and it got me

Haha, 3 days in and it got me really thinking.. the beauty of this method of sprints is that you adjust your goals definitions etc.. i wont specify now what conclusions i come to but redefining grazing is one of them.. i will write more in a week.. and as long as i learn something along the way (and every of these 3 day brought food for thought on the subject) it's a win:). So yes, i am grazing, but along the way i collect information on myself and my eating, and the progress is in sitting down and processing yhis info, and coming up with a better plan.
If i manage to do this after 7 days i will get myself domething nice. Audiobook or hypnosis recording...
and yes i do want flexibility. Sttict rules for food is like a cage. Not something that I want.

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Hi, I have in general been

I have in general been using grazing as my way of eating since I started this program. It works well for me and for the most part has been easy. Meals are halved. I don't eat what some people call snacks and I don't eat sugar at all. I am still after a long time, for me, being bulimic free am still adjusting my relationship with food.
I'm glad you are exploring this.
In Loving Kindness

Bryan Wagner

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I wanted to update. This

I wanted to update. This challenge really had me thinking - what is it, grazing, why I don't want it and why I am still doing it..
So grazing for me is picking bits and pieces of food, small bits and pieces. It's like "it's so small that it doesn't count". Only I can't stop eating these bits and pieces. I take a couple of almonds, I leave the kitchen, and 2 minutes later I come for another couple of almonds, or sip of tea, or a piece of cheese.. not only I end up not wanting to eat my next meal, it is the time (and mental energy) it takes (imagine yourself being interrupted every 2 minutes) to graze. Frankly, I can't afford this time. At least if I want to do something else than grazing:)
I don't want to eat when my mind is elsewhere.

So whhy? why do I do it? One of the reasons I stumbled across - subtle restrictions. I try to be more or less light before the practice at 8 pm (it's difficult to practice with full bally), and - i do not eat until I am satisfied... and then it's so difficult to resist coming for bits and pieces.. And it's difficult (and a bit scary) to sit there and really eat something - after all, I want to have emptyish belly for the practice, don't I? Does grazing do the trick? I am not really sure if it does or not.. But I know for sure that it does take away my concentration and my time.

Pretending that I have eaten enough when in reality I haven't leads to pretending that " I'm not eating ". So one thing to work for me is to stop pretending that I have eaten enough..

Sometimes it is not possible to eat until I am satisfied - I have a small baby and a big girl, and life just happens sometimes. What do I do then? eat later? forget about it and eat more at the next meal? I don't know yet.

Another time I graze - in the morning. And there it's just a habit. It's completely doable not to graze, which I am successfully (so far) achieving.

Another time I graze - I didn't stumble across it in this 3 days, but I have stumbled multiple times before - is at work. But I'll take it gradually. First I will work on the abovementioned, if something else will come up will work through it too.

So... 1. stop pretending I've eaten enough - eat until satisfied/full, whenever possible.
2. stop eating in "it doesn't count" mode. If I eat, eat for some effect..

I'm glad I'm doing it.
PS if anyone is interested in yoga - Gaiam TV now offers one month of access to all their videos for 99 cents. Just got a message (speaking of a handstand class)

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So here I am, one week

So here I am, one week later.
Did I graze? I did.
But I learned something about grazing - mostly positive, strangely. It helps me take in my calories and not freak out by the amount eaten (I am a breastfeeding mom who practices yoga 5 times a week and walks almost everywhere- so at times I eat faaar more than 2500 calories a day::).
Second, it helps me get my calories even though I am interrupted a lot (two young kids, no joke).
It helps me feel lighter. If I eat all calories I need in 4 meals, or even 5, it is heavy for my digestion. (as I write it i hesitate it - ecause sometimes I eat a huuge breakfast and am okay - but closer to the end of a day it doesn't feel good..)

So for week 2 I'd change my goal:
1)abstain from eating bits and pieces right before meal - this is a habit, and I don't want it. Except for sampling my own cooking, I think it doesn't make sense to banish it - after all I don't want to serve my family something undercooked or too salty:)
2) eat it like you mean it. If I find myself wanting to grab a nut or a cheese, or anything else, I'd sit down and eat.
3) think about a juicer -juices allow not to feel too full, but still get the nutrients

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