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haha, I came across the exact

haha, I came across the exact same article - in my search of Breaking bad habits
How are you in your recovery...bad habits still get a hold on you?

All the best.

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This line really hit

This line really hit home:
“This explains why some people crave drugs, even if the drug no longer makes them feel particularly good once they take it.”
Even though I know (from bitter experience) that bingeing and/or purging and/or restricting no longer make me feel good, the cravings to indluge in my bad habits are still lurking...

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Prior to recovery here I

Prior to recovery here I really worked hard at breaking bad habits. I felt my habits caused my bulimia when in fact my bulimia just perpetuated many of my habits. I really worked at changing things like not eating in the evening, eating a good breakfast, finding ways to enjoy healthy foods, I made a conscious choice not to eat anything unhealthy unless I really liked it, I ate every 4 hours (I had no idea how life changing it would be to eat every 3 hours). Years ago I enjoyed a lot of junk food and as time went on I found I liked it less and less. These new habits I developed made it easier for me in recovery. The one habit I really had to work on was grazing. I always did that and I honestly never knew how much it fueled my bulimia. I thought it was okay as long as I was eating healthy food. Truth is it was one more thing to mess with my hunger\satiety mechanism. It was really hard work changing the habits I did because I did it while fighting with bulimia. Recovery has changed everything for me.

When you are going through hell, keep going.

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