Handling Stress Succesfully!!

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Handling Stress Succesfully!!

So yesterday was a very hard day for me, one of the hardest I've had since starting this program.
I moved out of my ex's house in March of this year, and have had my own place since then.
Yesterday, however, his new gf took to sending me very nasty emails that were threatening, and attacked me on a very personal level.
My first instinct was to binge.. it hit me later how much of a habit this is! My automatic stress reaction was to go eat!
But I said to myself, Are you going to let this stress ruin your recovery? Or are you going to handle this like an adult?
And I came here to read other people's blogs and successes. I read some out of the ebook.
Took a bath, and went to bed.
Hooray me!!! I successfully handled stress!!
It got me to thinking this morning about how the ebook says that we handle stress and our emotions much better when we actually eat in a healthy way. Maybe this really is the truth...what would have normally been so overwhelming for me, turned out to be a totally managable situation.
And this morning I am feeling so proud of myself, and going on with my recovery!
I am so grateful for this program, and these forums:)
Keep strong, ladies:) We really CAN do this!

Catherine Liberty
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This is amazing. Wow what

This is amazing. Wow what progress, I am so proud of you :)

Not only did you recognise that the situation could trigger a binge, but you made up a whole list of strategies to help you overcome those binges. Seriously well done!

That must have been a horrible thing to experience with your ex's new girlfriend though. Is there any way you can block her email address so she can't contact you again? You don't need people like that trying to infect your life with their hate.

I remember being totally overwhelmed by the new sense of strength I had after working to normalise my eating. It really is true, you're just so much more emotionally and physically equipt to deal with those previously triggering situations and feelings when your taking care of your body.

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful success, have a great day :)

Catherine x

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Thank you for sharing this,

Thank you for sharing this, it's really inspiring...well done! It feels great when you realise you can actually deal with something without just turning to food. Everyone has stress, but not everyone has bulimia. And it is so circular, bulimia leaves you so weak that you can't handle the stress in any other way...but once you start to break the cycle, you find you have strength you never imagined! I find baths really helpful too. Sometimes when i'm just a bit hysterical and beside myself, the only answer is to take all my clothes off and get in the water and stay there for a long as i need - normally until it's gotten cold! Take care and have a good day today, jonah xxx

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