Has anyone told their doctor they are bulimic?

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Has anyone told their doctor they are bulimic?

So I feel like if I can't do this myself I need to tell someone. A professional maybe? Has anyone went to their doctor or seen someone that has helped?

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I just told my mom and doctor about two weeks ago, and it felt so good to FINALLY let go of this secret that i have been hiding for so long. And I am now seeing professional help to assist me in this process. Its not easy, I still binge every once and a while, but at least im making progress. So I suggest you do tell someone because you need the support.


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Yes, tell

Yes, it's really crucial in asking for external help in your battle agianst bulimia. I've found that it sometimes even wards off bingeing urges after a good, long talk with someone whom u trust. Be careful not to let it bring u down though. Us girls sometimes mix around in various circles, and it can be so difficult when u only want to tell a certain member of the social circle without the rest finding out. I find that someone in the domestic environment whom u can totally trust is the first person u shld tell, as he or she lives with u on a day to day basis. Then, gradually, once u seek professional treatment, ur doctors will come into the picture.

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i just want to stop

i'm 47 years old with a body image problem..I vomit when I drink and feel like i've eaten too much food...how do I stop?

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I wish I could help myself ...

To Amb10: I first told my therapist I was seeing when telling him about other stuff I was doing to myself, i.e. cutting. This was about 8 months ago and we are still working through it all, but it feels good to have some one "force" you to talk about it in the open. I have told my husband, who had pretty much figured it out any way. I really wish I could tell my parents, and eventually I am going to have to.

To Ibasey0727: I wish I could help, I honestly don't know how to stop. My best advice would be to try and eat sensible meals and re-train your mind that it is ok. Stop eating after you finish the serving, not when you feel full. Of course, this is all advice I can give, but can't actually manage to do myself. Maybe stop drinking?

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Yes...tell someone


Early this year I found the courage to tell a very close friend. It was extremely hard. I felt I needed to tell someone because I could no longer do this on my own. After I opened up I felt that it was the first step towards my recovery. Since then I have made more of a conscious effort to look after myself.

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I've had bulima for about a

I've had bulima for about a year and a half now and last night I finally opened up and admitted it to someone. I told my boyfriend. I've wanted to tell him for a while, but I was always scared. I thought that it would change the way he felt about me b/c he would see that I'm not perfect and that I have issues, but it actually brought us much closer. He was so understanding and supportive and I already feel so much better getting this secret out there. It felt really weird to actually say that I have bulimia b/c I've never said it before. Even now to write it seems so weird, but it feels good to be able to admit it. I have a lot of trouble opening up to people and I hold a lot in which I think is one of the things that leads me to b/p. I think that by telling my boyfriend I am taking a big step to overcome this. I would def. recommend for everyone to open up and tell someone who is close to you. They will probably be more understanding than you think. Best of luck to all.

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power of honesty

telling someone is a very liberating and powerful part of recovery. bulimia absolutely THRIVES in secret, so when i finally told two my two best friends (as well as speaking about it weekly with my therapist) it marked a definite stronghold into recovery. firstly it means you're 100% committed to recovering - you're acknowledging that while things aren't ideal for you right now, you're serious about making changes for the better.

it also helped me a lot being able to call or email someon during my weaker moments and i avoided a few relapses through having this extra support network. it also means you're speaking with someone close to you about the real issues in your life, which is very beneficial and therapeutic. a large part of why we develop bulimia in the first place is a build up of repressed issues whereby bulimia becomes a coping mechanism and numbing agent to avoid facing up to negative emotions. if there are friends or family members in your life you can truly open up to, this is a way of acknowledging and processing those emotions, rather than adding further fuel (repressed emotions) to the fire (bulimia)!

having said that, ultimately you are the judge as to whether you are ready to open up to anybody - and if so, who would be the best person/s for you to talk to. don't open up unless you're ready to - and deep down in your heart you'll know when that is.

there is some good information on seeking help and also a fact sheet entitled 'telling someone' which contains some good info - like preparing for a person's reactions etc. via the following link if anybody is interested... http://www.eatingdisorders.org.au/eating-disorders/if-you-think-you-may-...

"Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my god do you learn"

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hey I had anorexia dn bulimia

hey I had anorexia dn bulimia like 19 years ago and I got over it. My parents knew about it but thought i got better. I did but the b and p never stopped. I am a healthy weight but i nedver got over everything. I need to get help and tell my parents but i am so scared to disappoint them. I am also fine eating with other people, when i was home for xmas for 2 weeks it was b&P free so i think my parents will be schocked i thinjk. Any suggestions...I really need it.

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I just started seeing a new

I just started seeing a new doctor because my old doctor was very uncaring about my disorder, and I did not feel that he took it seriously, even after losing 80 pounds and gaining it back within the same year. Anyway, my first visit with my new doctor went really well, and I did share my ED with him. He informed me that he has worked with others with EDs and has resources we can use if I need extra help, as I am currently seeing a therapist and have no major health concerns as of right now. I truly believe it is crucial for your physician to be aware of your disorder, as it can have lasting effects on your physical and mental health. I understand that in smaller towns, it can be hard to share more private situations because it seems like everyone will find out, but that's what HIPAA is for! :)


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I told three of my best

I told three of my best friends and they were very supportive. We talked about it and they told me to get help. But after the first time I told them, we haven't really talked about it. They just ask me if I have seen a therapist and my answer is always "not yet" but we ignore the topic completely. I would rather they ignore it because I don't I want them to see me differently. None of my parents know at all and they never will. They would immediately get me out of university and put me in a recovery clinic or something. I did tell my boyfriend as well and that was (I think) a bad idea. He gets really angry with me because I say I'll get help then I dont. But hes always there for me, but he just can't show me the support I need.

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yup. he is terrific. very

yup. he is terrific. very helpful and supportive, I have been in recovery for many years but have problems from time to time. this is one of them. I know if i can't do this right now he will find me help.

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I told my doctor who is kick

I told my doctor who is kick ass supportive, my mom is not so much she will call once in awhile to tAlk about a new diet aghhhhhhb. My husband doesn't really get it but he is supportive. It is hard telling others but u will be surprised at how many people have the same issues. Tomorrow I have to go to work and quit the diet club I joined 2 weeks ago.. Embarrassing plus I have to quit weight watchers that I paid for on my credit card, I am so not ever going to diet again....I hope!


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