healthy snack ideas? ?

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healthy snack ideas? ?

Hi everyone im looking for some healthy snack suggestions that are filling. What does everyone else snack on in between meals .I'm finding evening times impossible I tend to eat chocolate bars which I know isn't great and alot of times I just end up binging because im full from tea for about 1 hour then starving the rest of the evening. My evening meals are balanced eg protein fat carbs, im really really struggling any help would be massively appreciated xx


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-Greek/turkish yogurt with

-Greek/turkish yogurt with chopped nuts & honey / or cut up som fresh dates(or any dried fruit of your choice
-Protein pancakes/cake (if you're interested I'll give you the recipe
-Fruit salad (with sunflower seeds and yogurt
-Granola bar & piece of fruit
-1-2 handfuls of grapes with 2 cracker with cheese of your choice
-Cottage cheese about 250grams. (as it is or with any topping of your choice e.g. salty/sweet, chopped nuts, honey, chopped tomatoes w salt/pepper, etc.
-Nuts (I eat loads of nuts) Good fats, healthy for heart and brain.
-single slice cheese sandwich with piece of fruit or carrot sticks.
- vegetable sticks with dip (carrots, cucumber, celery, cauliflower, etc.)

Hope that gave you some idea, those are the things that I eat generally (what I can think of right now that is)
Good luck ;-)

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The above snack ideas are

The above snack ideas are pretty awesome. Cant go wrong with a bit of fruit, yogurt, nuts. Even a scoop of sorbet or some sugar free jello with yougurt and nuts are really good and healthy and feels as good as dessert! im same, I often snack on chocolate in the evening, sometimes sugar free hard boiled sweets are good because they keep your mouth busy and I drink countless cups of herbal teas throughout the evening. Maybe its more a boredom thing than real hunger. Try chewing gum or brushing your teeth after meals.
And go to bed early!!

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A good tip is to try and

A good tip is to try and include some protein in your snacks as they will fill you up but won't make you so full that you can't eat anything else. Things that are portable are great because you can have them to hand, so nuts and raisins, I actually also really like hard boiled eggs. Fruit is great too. One tip I will say if you find the evening is your worst time for binging- its mine too, once you have eaten your evening meal- wash up, put everything else away and kind of shut up the kitchen for the night. I even used to take the tea bags and kettle in to my bedroom as I was likely to snack while I made a late night cuppa! Also if you buy a bag of nuts, portion it out as soon as you get it home, so that you don't eat out the bag that way you have the snacks ready to go to so it is even easier.


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