Heart feels like it misses a beat when I am in bed sometimes, what is this???

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Heart feels like it misses a beat when I am in bed sometimes, what is this???

Ok so sometimes when I am in bed laying there I suddenly feel my heart doing something abnormal.

I mean when your laying there you cant feel your heart beating, but then all of a sudden it does something that makes me hold my breath for a second, almost like it misses a beat to then be followed by a big beat, pulse, whatever you call it and it is this big pulse that I feel after the feeling that I need to hold my breath.

Very difficult to explain, but this week I have been purging a few times, when I was doing well in recovery, and i seem to have gotten this abnormal heart thing more around the evenings after I have been sick.

What is it, i am completely freaked out and do want to go to the doctor about it.

My dad and bro both have a heart murmur, but I havent got that. But then a heart murmur you cant feel, and this I can definately feel it.

Really dont know if I am explaining it properly at all. I will admit to being a hypercondriac about my health but I am sure I am not imagining this when it happens.

Anyone else have any clue what I am going on about??

Thanks xxx

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All i can suggest is go to

All i can suggest is go to your doctor. Heart problems are obviously dangerous and the best thing you can do is be over safe.
Doctors you must go my love.

I get really paranoid, freakishly so about my whole health these days. I always think im going to die(I can be quite dramatic). I always check my heart and thought many times it felt a bit wrong.... but it was just my paranoid self taking over.

I would not worry to much about it, you dont want to get yourself stressed. Just pop to the doctors and they will check it out and explain whats going on.
take care of yourself.

Start to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.

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I have the same thing, at night too!

I know exactly what you are talking about and I too feel it usually if I am extremely tired of if I had frequent b/p episodes. After over 5 years of bulimia, I have only started experiencing these 'heart palpitations" as I call them for about 7 months. I think it happened to me about 10 times over the course of these months.

It lasts just a second and its so quick yet disturbing that you can't help but stop whatever you're doing and just focus on that nano second of weirdness.

I also recommand talkign to your doctor about it. I'm stupid, I just saw her and forgot to mention it. Seeing her again in January and will for sure mention it.

I think it may be linked to potassium levels being low which decreases electrolites (the 'electric current' going through your body telling your organs such as heart how to beat).

I think that recovery and regular eating it goes away. I have experienced it less and less as I start eating normally.

For me, I would also experience it in the shower. My showers are always boiling hot, and I think I get a drop of pressure and my heart has to work harder to keep the blood pumping.

Of course, I am no doctor but I did do a couple of research.

I'm actually glad I am not the only person in this world who feels this :S :S

Gossip Girl

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I have been getting these

For such a long time. It's only for a little while then leaves me alone and whenever I go to the doctor it doesn't do it for them lol. Then they are like, well nothing is wrong with you, go home... but I still think better to be safe and make sure everything is ok. I get them lying down and standing up. I black out all the time... I walk sideways into walls and things because of these heart thingy things. They can get quite annoying and scary.

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i have gotten something like

i have gotten something like these, but it's more like an exaggerated beat. it only happens at night, when i'm trying to sleep. i went to the doc and, similarly to the post above, it didn't happen for him while i was there.

i got my blood pressure checked and an ekg and everything came back normal, i would suggest you do the same...

best to you.

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Thanks loads for your

Thanks loads for your comments ladies, I have made an appointment for next wednesday.

Doctor doesnt know im a recovering bulimic, and dont really want to talk about that, so will see what she says about the weird heart thing I seem to have.

Guaranteed it wont happen for me when I am in the clinic!!! Hopefully she will have some clue though.

Its a relief to know I am not the only one who has these abnormal things going on in their body.....as I am quite a hypocondriac and so of course i immediately think I have a whole in my heart or something like that.

GossipGirl84 what you said is really interesting also.......will let you know what the doc says xx

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You don't have to talk ABOUT

You don't have to talk ABOUT it but it really definitely is worthwhile MENTIONING it because it's very likely to be very important that you're a recovering bulimic!

~Solidarity is strength~

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