Heartburn/reflux - HELP

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Heartburn/reflux - HELP

Crippled with acid reflux and heartburn today!
Have been munching Rennie like they're going out of fashion! Anyone have any tips/remedies PLEASE xx

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I suffer from this a lot!

I suffer from this a lot! Avoid fruit, spicy foods, tomatoey based foods, for a little bit and eat yogurts, milky drinks etc.
I quite like the liquid gaviscon, but again, like yourself, I munch on antacid tablets like they are going out of fashion!
I also like to massage my chest and top of stomach area.
Hope you can find some comfort darling x

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Thanks so much lovey, you're

Thanks so much lovey, you're advice is very good! Have been sticking to plain milk based foods, peanut butter and bananas and they're really helping! Must actually pick up some liquid gaviscon as one of my colleagues recommended it too saying that its miles better than Rennie tablets! Thanks so much poppet xx

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