Heightened Emotions?

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Heightened Emotions?

It has seemed to me that everyone is acting differently - not sure how but just a little off. Anyone else experience this in recovery? Perhaps I am being overly sensitive... Seems like people are looking at me weird...

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Oh my god!! I get this too..I

Oh my god!! I get this too..I am so sensitive to the point of paranoid. For example, if i'm eating and my husband looks at me I get this rush of thoughts saying, why is he staring at me?? I take things very much to heart and will get irritated and annoyed by seemingly insignificant things.. Then later in reflection I feel stupid for getting annoyed over them xxx


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I've noticed this too. Im

I've noticed this too. Im having major mood swings too. One minute I'm super happy that I haven't purged and the next I'm all down about something, but usually with the depression im still out of touch about why I'm sad. I feel like everyone's looking at me too. I think it's bc when b/p is reduced or eliminated you're facing real life and communication that you've been numb to for so long. In my case, which is probably true for a lot of us, I've been numb all my life. When i was younger i poured everything into a crush, then boyfriends and after the last relationship ended so badly i turned to dieting and binging which developed into bulimia...and here i am finally aware of what's been going on all my life. there's years of repression to deal with now and what people say actually hits me now that I'm not going to just eat the pain away and then purge....

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