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Hi all!

I have just joined this site and am about to start reading the guide. I have been struggling with bulimia since I was about 13, before that I suffered from anorexia for about 2 years. I will be turning 30 this year so more than half my life has been consumed by an ED. I realise that its time to get control of this illness and get my life back and I am sincerely hoping that this site and the BHM will enable me to work towards full recovery! Bulimia has stolen my youth and the thought of it stealing the next 10, 20 or 30 years of my life is incomprehensible. I look forward to getting to know you all and sharing this journey with you!! Hopefully we will inspire each other to lives the lives we deserve - free of Bulimia hell!! xx

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Hi Vivienne. You definitely

Hi Vivienne. You definitely have done the right thing joining this program and I know you won't look back. I have just recently joined too, and I can't believe how much it has done for me already! It's just so reassuring and helpful to be part of this community. I really feel confident that I will recover fully thanks to this program and website! I'm so pleased you made the decision to join too and look forward to sharing the road to recovery with you.

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Hi, Vivienne. I've been here

Hi, Vivienne. I've been here just over a week and it's made me make changes that I haven't been able to do in 20 years! It's a great community with real sufferers who are all looking for one thing, the freedom from ED. I'm still struggling getting past a "day one" with structured eating, but each time I try, I get more and more determined. I hope you find it as helpful and supportive as I do.


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Thanks for the welcome

Thanks for the welcome haychelle and Lea! Really appreciate the support! Hopefully this program will give us the tools, advice, encouragement and courage to finally overcome our illness! X

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Hello Vivienne! It's nice to

Hello Vivienne! It's nice to meet you! Your story sounds similar to mine (anorexia and then years of bulimia). I started the program mid November last year and I feel fantastic! I haven't binged or purged once since reading the ebook and committing to structured eating. I don't feel fully recovered, in the sense that I have some lingering fears around food and urges to restrict (which will ultimately lead me back to binging and purging) but I am slowing letting go of these fears also. I hope you find the resources as useful as I have :) I know you will have everything you need to over come this and get your life back!



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