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I am new here, Im excited!

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Good on you! Welcome and I

Good on you! Welcome and I hope you are feeling all the support on offer. I'm pretty early in recovery too but in my first few weeks I read heaps on the blogs, in the articles and just kept reading the recovery eBook - everytime I read it I discover something that I respond to.

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Yesterday was my first day

Yesterday was my first day here. Im hoping to indulge in the program this weekend.

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Hi cherry! Welcome to the

Hi cherry!
Welcome to the site. I have found it both inspiring and useful. Just reading other blogs and posts on the forums has been a huge kick for me to attempt recovery. I'm struggling, but keep attempting structured eating. I'll get there in my own sweet time! I hope you'll feel inspired, too. There are some amazing people here!


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Hi Cherry. Good on you for

Hi Cherry. Good on you for joining up with this site, it's been a saviour for me! I am 70 days b/p free, with no urges to b/p at all and it's all thanks to this program, this community and also my brain changing it's way of thinking. Previously when I attempted to recover, I always had in the back of my mind that b/p is always there as an option, now I don't see it as an option at all and I never even consider it. Sure there are days when I want to eat a bit more, so I do, but never to the stage of a binge or even think about a binge. I hope you find it all as rewarding as I am finding it. The structured eating is definitely the way to go. I hope you are having a great weekend and that your journey to recovery is off to a good start. I look forward to following your progress:-)

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Hi lea Im so glad to have

Hi lea
Im so glad to have found this place. Its been a long time since ive wanted to be so serious about quiting. I really this gives me the hope i need and want. O and nice to meet u.

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Hello haychelle 70 days of

Hello haychelle
70 days of being free that is so awesome. I cant wait to not even think about it. Ive been trying really hard to do structured eating. I think it will help reprogram my daily habits and slowly make them positive. Right now 3 meals and.3 snacks is really hard. I at least do three meals. Im 28 days today. :) nice to meet you. And thank you everyone for the hospitality i really appreciate it. Xoxo

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