Hello Beloved Ones!

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Hello Beloved Ones!

I'm so glad and happy letting myself receive help from outside.
Last purge was 4 years ago! WOW! and I am ready now to rebalance my body, align my mind & psychology and reclaim my life. I'm excited and it feels good. I know I'm gonna succeed and it feels good. Also eating intuitively and having a neutral relationship with food is on my mind. Just living my life that's in my heart.

Last week I received a beautiful present- a binge, pretty rare so far. I ate a lot and immediately experienced all the side effects I had while purging. Suddenly I realized that the extreme mood swingings, depression and fatigue I had experienced back then had been due to sugar drops and binging. My mind was Okay in its basis it was just the food and malnourishment who caused it. That led to joining this program. I'm happy. Already feeling successful and decide I'm gonna get well so quickly and reenjoy and celebrate life again.

bye bye!

who's gonna be my loving happy buddy?

Or. :)







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