Hello! First post from someone who has fully admitted she has a problem

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Hello! First post from someone who has fully admitted she has a problem

Hi everyone, I'm Mandy, from Aust. I've had an eating disorder for 17 or so years (anorexia then bulimia). I've been on the program since April 2014 and this is my first post. Need a little inspiration.

I was doing so well for the first 4 months (had no urges, made sure I kept stress levels down, made sure I stayed away from triggers etc etc) but have had some slip ups (4 or more in the past two of months). I feel I have progressed in my recovery from where I started and am doing a lot better given the slip ups haven't been the typical binge and purge, - usually more like I ate too much to the point of feeling sick and then needed to purge - all an excuse at the end of the day I know.

I guess I just need someone to tell me that I haven't totally blown things with these slip up and I'm on the slippery slope back to bulimia. Each time it's happened I have learnt something and am more aware of my triggers etc so I guess that's something.

Has anyone else found they have slipped up along way before fully recovering?


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It is in very little cases

It is in very little cases you hear of people who don't relapse! I have been on BHM over a year and have had many slips along the way but I did manage an entire 7 month b/p spell. However you are never on your way fully back into recovery because you have gained more tools along the way and education from here and every relapse is a learning curve. I fully know my triggers and what it takes in order to overcome them. Plan. And plan to take action when urges to purge hit.
You won't get it right every time. But recovery is a process. Look at what you have achieved so far. A few bad days/weeks or even months won't hinder the progress and tools you have learned. Just be mindful and get back on track as soon as you can. And this site is very supportive, blog/post or pm if your struggling. You are in the right place. You can do this. Step by step.
Wishing you all the best in recovery x

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You haven't blown things at

You haven't blown things at all! As Angel said, relapse is a NORMAL part of recovery and it reminds us that we need to keep fighting this fight and not get comfortable too soon! I am going to be celebrating my 1 year recovery anniversary (as in 1 year since I started properly trying to recover) and yet I have spent the past 2 months relapsing (for me, relapsing isn't so much B/Ping, its restricting which then leads to B/P and I had promised myself that I would never restrict again, but I did). Just try and learn from your relapse and then do the next right thing - go back to structured eating ASAP and try and figure out what happened to cause the relapse. Recovery is messy and full of challenges, the most important thing is to never, ever give up! xx

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These girls are right! No

These girls are right! No way you've blown it! If all of us quit when there was a relapse then none of us would ever find full recovery. You'll hear from everyone that's recovered that there were slips along the way. Continue to celebrate your progress and keep moving forward as best you can. Good luck!

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