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I really need help. I just want a moment of feeling ok. I want just a moment where suicide doesnt regulate my mind. Suicide and Ed are all that is governing me at this point in my life and its feeling impossible to dig for myself in all of this obsession. I want to feel like today is not a chore, and tomorrow will be ok I make it so. I'm proud of myself for every day that passes where I'm still here looking strong and just fine. I'm tired, and I'm sick, like most of us are. I'm so sick. and I'm ready to give everything I have to fight whats eating me up inside. But i cannot do it on my own. I need help.

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You can beat this thing! I

You can beat this thing! I have felt that same crazy overpowering feeling of just wanting it to all be over with but it will be ok and tomorrow will be better. I promise. You have to think this way.

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