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I'm 34 years old.ive suffered with bulimia for over 21years.have tried therapy but
Nothing seems to the end of my tether .any advice would be helpful feel really alone x


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Hi Candice Wow 21 years is a

Hi Candice
Wow 21 years is a long time to be suffering from this nasty disorder. I have been struggling for 14 years. Throughout the years i have been put on Anti-depressants, anxiety medication, one counseling session which distressed me so much i decided that one to one with a therapist or group sessions are NOT for me.
Self help has prooved the best medicine for me. Lots of research, reading various blogs/articles. Buying lots of books. Signing up to this site just over a month ago and actually paying a larger amount (which im pretty broke but tried to reason all the money i would spend on a binge if this cures me then its money well spent) - on this site, i feel if i cant beat it on here then i never will.
Drugs and therapy can only take you so far. If you really want it, only YOU can do it.
I have come a long way from my worst Bulimic days and i hope you have too. I seem to be stuck in a cycle of managing 2-3 weeks purge free and feeling on top of the world, to loosing control within a split second and then having 2-3 days relapsing then back on it.
As the years have gone on it takes me longer and longer to recover from my binges and more noticeably a lot of health issues seem to crop up a hell of a lot.
I feel like you, alone and unsure what the heck to do to break this habit once and for all. Feeling like i have wasted my whole life on this. If i could take back one thing from my whole life, it would be not to have made myself sick that first time. Little did i know then how that first purge where i thought i was in control was a complete lie. That first purge took control of me and the rest of my life to date.
Would love a chat one night if you want to talk, i feel i need to talk to long term sufferers. To get inspiration and support and to fight this Disorder once and for all. We are still young, we can still have this wonderful life we crave - BULIMIA FREE!!!


'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

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Hi hunny .your life has had a

Hi hunny .your life has had a similar pattern to yours .was bullied at school about my weight I got put on anti depressants at 13.and have been through 6 different sorts of anti depressant and numerous councilling sessions all to no avail
.i don't no who I am without bulimia.been through a bad faze lately of nonstop binging.i look after my mom who suffers from mental health issues and she sometimes can be quite
Challenging when she's ill it seem to make my bulimia worse!!.all my family are aware of my illness.they try to be supportive but don't understand the illness whatsoever .I am recently married
My husband is a good man but he doesn't understand .im ok in the day but suffer from the evening binge every night!!.i think you should be real proud if yourself :-)). The results you have achieved are amazing .Even though it may not feel like it but you have come along way on your road to recovery .xxxxx


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