Help! Balancing recovery with life demands/work, and Roommates?

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Help! Balancing recovery with life demands/work, and Roommates?

Tips for balancing recovery while still managing the demands of work and life? I sometimes wish I could just take a break from responsibilities to focus only on recovery, but at the moment that isn't reasonable or quite possible. How can I do both without breaking under stress and turning to B&P to cope or escape from life? Anyone have a mantra or strategy they can share?

I'm usually good in the morning and day, and then end my days with B&P. Everyday. I find it's a lot harder to live alone to recover because there is no one to hold me accountable or keep me from escaping life. But part of me is afraid if I get a roommate I will inevitable be found out that I have ED and then suffer the social consequences of shame and embarrassment. Or what if recovery will be harder with a roommate? Anyone have thoughts or experiences with this? Please share!

Thanks! xox


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Being held accountable can be

Being held accountable can be a good thing, but ultimately I found that my bf being around didn't change much, as we foremostly need to be accountable to ourselves, and until we get that one, we will always find a way around the people around us, a way to avoid them a way to let ED still thrive.

My tip for avoiding the slip in the evening really is structured eating, and make sure you don't allow yourself to eat anywhere in your home. Try to make yourself eat by the dining table from a plate no matter what meal you are about to intake.
This worked really well for me as it made me more concious of what I was doing and what I was injesting.

Good luck, I hope you find the thing that works for you.

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almond joy
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Hi FreakyBlonde88, Thanks so

Hi FreakyBlonde88,
Thanks so much for your feedback and advice. I must work on a structured eating plan!


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Taking time out will give you

Taking time out will give you too much time on your hands and in my opinion is not a good option for recovery.keeping busy and finding your zest for life and keeping your thoughts positive is key.
Find something to fill your evenings and keep you busy. Even if its anything active on this can do it. You have the power in you. Be strong

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