Help for the Holidays

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Help for the Holidays

First, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or any other holiday you may celebrate.

I wanted to post some encouragement before beginning the festivities at my house.
The holidays are a mixed time of stress, worry and fear, but also a great time for family, fun and friends. I hope to encourage everyone to enjoy the holidays instead of fear the dreaded holiday binges. Here are some tips that have helped me throughout the past holidays.

1. Make conversation. You will be less likely to binge if you are seated away from the food talking about sports, dogs, the weather or whatever the convo may be.
2. Bring gum for when the meal is over, this will buy some time if you feel a binge coming on.
3. Bring a dish that you feel comfortable eating, then pick a few extras to enjoy with it. There's nothing more stressful that showing up to a buffet of things you are uncomfortable eating. Go ahead and indulge a little on other things if you like, but at least this way you can relax a little about the choices.
4. Avoid drinking alcohol if at all possible! I know, most of us enjoy a cocktail or two at social gatherings, but it isn't going to make it any easier, even if you are drinking to take the edge off. If you feel the need to drink, try and do it after the meal so you will be less likely to end up with an accidental drunken b/p. Plus the holiday hangover is never fun.
5. Eat breakfast. It can be hard to wake and eat knowing that there will be so many goodies later, but don't show up to dinner famished, or you may be tempted to overdo it.
6. Take a break. If you feel overwhelmed, try to step out for a bit. Go for a walk with someone, go pet the dog or play with the kids, anything to take a time-out for a minute.
7. Go for protein. This may seem like common sense, but making quality food choices may help prevent grazing or b/p.
8. Stay busy. Helping with clean-up and watching kids can keep your mind off the anxiety you may be feeling.
9. Spend some time texting 'happy holidays' to the contacts in your phone or sending out facebook messages of cheer.
10. This is my most important tip- be kind to yourself!! If you feel that you have binged a little or have eaten something that makes you feel uncomfortable, just try and forgive yourself and move on. If you beat yourself up, you may purge or go into binge-mode. Giving yourself the gift of understanding is crucial this time of year.

I wish you all the gift of recovery this year, and I hope maybe at least one or two of these tips will be helpful! Please add your own advice too, or any thoughts about the holidays!!

XOXO Much love!






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