help just weighed myself and I have gained loads of weight but I look thinner?? !!

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help just weighed myself and I have gained loads of weight but I look thinner?? !!

Hi ive mistakenly just weighed myself and ive gained a good few stone in the few months in recovery and im already obese due to bulimia. However its puzzling because I look alot thinner? However I cannot stay this weight its horrendous and I want to give up. Any help would be greatly appreciated thankyou guy's xx


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But that is great. The scale

But that is great. The scale is just a number. Your organs and muscles have probably gotten a lot healthier and that automatically makes you look leaner, but since they're healthier there is more to them in density.

See it as a sign of health, which is a great sign when battling ED/recovery.

Keep your head up,, away from the scales. It's about getting to know ourselves, not what the number says.


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Weight means jack s**t! Your

Weight means jack s**t! Your body is rebalancing :)
The number means nothing, im heavier than most of my friends yet a smaller clothes size so fixation on a number is a waste of time. Follow structured eating, eat as nutritious as you can, don't deny yourself treats on occasion and you will fall into place how you are meant to...wishing you all the best

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