here's to day one in recovery!

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here's to day one in recovery!

Hi everyone! This is my official first day of recovery. I'm very excited and nervous to have finally taken this huge step forward and getting started in a recovery program. I'm committing 100% to this so I promised myself to get involved in every part of what this recovery program has to offer. So... I'm just wanting to introduce myself and hopefully start to make some connections and friends to enjoy my recovery journey with. Looking forward to hearing any advise as to what to expect on this very scary but greatly needed process. Have a great day and here's to a step forward in recovery! :-)


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Hi Jess!! Welcome to the

Hi Jess!! Welcome to the site! I just started recovery about 3 weeks ago. I joined the site last year but wasn't committed. Logging on here daily(when I can) really helps encourage me. The community on this site is wonderful as well as the great resources it offers to help you. I would make it a priority. It will really help you stay on track and you won't feel so alone it all of this. <3 -Alicia

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Hiya Jess! Glad you are

Hiya Jess! Glad you are here....and dedicated to this new way of living and eating! Welcome!!I hope that you find the support you need, and that you feel safe here.I found when I first joined BHM that this site was my saving grace. It was hard to understand the binge urge diffusion at first, so coming on here and talking to people that "got" me, was so helpful. I think it really is what you make it. I encourage you to read the BHM back to front. Take notes. Eat it, drink it, sleep on it....and of course, time to start eating! There is freedom here, I know that. I see that. I look forward to hearing more from you and sharing with you in this recovery journey. xo

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Thanks a bunch for the advise

Thanks a bunch for the advise ladies! This is absolutely incredible and sooooo much easier than going at this alone which I have been trying to do for so many years. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. I hope to be visiting and spending as much quality time here as possible. Working two jobs and fighting bulimia tends to take up much of my time but weeding out the bulimia will provide time for recovery instead ;-) this is day two of recovery for me and I only have one more meal standing between me and first full day bp free in I don't remember how long! I'm getting very excited about this program, this is the most clear understanding and real hope of recovery I've ever had! I'm just hoping and praying this will last and continue to grow all the way to full recovery. Right now the future finally looks bright!


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Hi Jess, I'm new here too.

Hi Jess,

I'm new here too. So far the structured eating is working wonderfully for me. I believe this program will work as long as we do it. It makes such perfect sense. It would be impossible to just make up our minds not to be bulimic and have that work. We've tried that already, haven't we? But it doesn't seem so hard to make up my mind just to stay on the program and let the program do the work.

We can do it.

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Hi and welcome :-)  I hope

Hi and welcome :-)  I hope you find lots of support here like I did in recovery. Remember that it is a long journey full of ups and downs. Celebrate the high points and get some support with the low points. It makes all the difference!

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