HEY everyone lets make a list!! :) :)

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HEY everyone lets make a list!! :) :)

I wanted to start an idea list of things/activities we can do when we are on the verge of binging or purging, to prevent us from doing so, or just distract ourselves for a little while from the stress that consumes so much of the day.

I'll throw out some things that i already do (you should too!), and we should all brainstorm things that you believe may be intriguing or helpful to others!

1-Get out of the house! Being around food filled cabinets is killer when the cravings creep up on you. Leave!

2-Take a walk to the coffee shop, drink some tea (or drink of choice) and journal about anything, just get those words on to paper.

3-BE AROUND YOUR FRIENDS. Sometimes when I'm down I don't feel like being around anyone but when I force myself into social situations with those that I love, and that love me I find that my mood usually turns around and I forget about whats bothering me.

4-Find volunteer work by searching online-- this saved me a lot when I was struggling to find a job. It not only occupied me throughout the day, but it gave me some good job connections and I met some fantastic people.

5-Rampage through a thrift store or two, you're most likely going to end up finding a real prize and you won't end up spending too much money.

6- Create something artistic. When I can steer my focus I can loose myself in a doodle, craft, or writing experiment for hours (especially when I'm at the coffee shop!)

7-Aimlessly ride a bike around town through streets and neighborhoods you never drive through.

8- Go for a walk and call a close friend that you haven't contacted in a while and gossip about boys.

9- Make a crappy electronic song on garage band

10- Find deliciously healthy recipes online and cook some quality food, make sure you're with someone who cares. I love being creative in the kitchen and making things I won't feel bad about eating.

I've got more ideas but lets here some of yours :)

I want to beat this!

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I'm a stay at home mom with

I'm a stay at home mom with no transportation or money, so I'm stuck in a house with food filled cabinets lol.

Walks... I like to take my daughter out for walks. It helps get my mind off of food, plus Its good exercise!

Clean.... I do this when my daughter takes naps. That way Im not bored thinking about food.

Games... I play a game on my computer when my daughter naps as well... helps get food off of my mind!

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Plucking your

Plucking your eyebrows...definitely keeps your mind off things!

Paint your toenails...

Put on some fake tan....this takes time and patience and makes you look and feel good!

Harry :)

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Make a recovery scrapbook!

Make a recovery scrapbook! Fill it with inspirational posts from this site and pictures of healthy food and things that make you happy. Then you can look back at it when you need some motivation :)

Don't follow your dreams, chase them!

Coach Jen
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My favorite things that

My favorite things that helped with recovery:

A 'recovery fund'- every good day, put $1 in a jar, and when you have enough money in there, go do something for yourself- a pedicure, massage, new top, book etc. and you will know that you earned it!

Ok, things to do:
Journal- writing always gives you perspective later
Dance- be goofy and silly
Sing at the top of your lungs- there's no way you can binge if your mouth is singing!
Call someone- probably my best tip- breaks the solitude and occupies the mouth, but beware that if people don't answer you might get down so you need a backup plan!
Paint or draw
Play RockBand
Play the real guitar- a little more challenging, but way more fun :-)
Get on this site and talk to people
Go shopping, even just window shopping
Write a letter or e-mail
Paint your nails- you wont want to mess them up by purging
Give yourself a facial
Clean out your purse & wallet
Brush your teeth
Write a letter to yourself thanking you for not binging
Skateboard or Rollerblade
Go outside- fresh air does everybody good!
Play with your dog, cat, bunny, hamster- whoever your companion is

Some of these are repeats, but I hope they are useful :-)

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haha If i binge and I feel

haha If i binge and I feel unsafe, i know it unproductive.. but i goto sleep.. hahaha which helps me because i have insomnia and cant sleep at night, so when i binge, instead of visiting the bathroom or my car (where i usually b/p) i snuggle up and go to bed, I always make sure there are TONS of pillows and blankets so i'm supper comfortable and just doze off =] when i wake up the urge is gone, and if its not, i work out maybe 300 jumping jacks and 200 situps and then i go back to bed if the urge is still there =]

"Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain"-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Hey everyone! I love the

Hey everyone! I love the suggestions...here are a few more that have helped me:

Only have meals while sitting down at a table (this helps prevent me from grazing while standing in front of the fridge)

When I have the urge to binge, I tell myself that I'll be able to eat anything I'd like but first I have to wait 10 minutes. When the 10 minutes has passed, I try to listen to my body and assess my hunger level. If I don't feel hungry and know that it's just bulimia talking, I try to go for another 10 minutes. And another. With each delay of a binge (even just 1 minute!), the urge gets weaker and weaker.

And while I'm delaying I...

Take a soccer ball and kick it against a wall (or couch)
Make bracelets (yup, still making friendship bracelets at age 21) :)
Attempt to braid my hair
Play frisbee with friends
Attempt to knit (attempt being the keyword in this phrase)
Write a list of things that I'm grateful for
Make a collage from old newspapers/magazines
Go to the library
Go on a walk and take pictures
Do homework

We can overcome this obstacle...bulimia is an obstacle but not an unscalable barrier. We have the power within us to overcome this disorder...no matter how strong those urges may feel sometimes, we are stronger than those urges. We have within us the power to fight back. And win.

"Don't wait. The time will never be just right."

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These are some awesome

These are some awesome suggestions
I find just getting your mind off of it when you want to binge can make a big difference, because so often after a little while the urge to binge pretty much disapeers after enough time.

I find that avoiding anything really passive, like sitting around watching tv can make it really hard to resist a binge.

I like to do things like walk, read, re-organize a messy closet or filing cabinet, brush or play with my cat, call a friend up and talk for a while, or make a cup of peppermint tea (i find peppermint helps curb my desire to eat lots).
and I thought it was so funny someone mentioned plucking your eyebrows, because that's one of my favourite ways to distract myself!

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Great thoughts and

Great thoughts and suggestions all around everyone!

I thought I'd add a couple more that help me:

1. Use the Life-Saver method: this is a concept originally designed for anger management, but can be used for any impulsive behavior. When you have an urge to binge, suck a single Life-Saver, any flavor. You have to suck on it until it is gone, not chew it. Research on impulsivity has shown that most of the compulsions that result in unwanted behaviors only last for approximately 3-7 minutes, about the time it takes to suck a Life-Saver! The benefit that this has is that it gives you a small amount of sugar which effects the dopamine reward pathway in the brain. It gives you that momentary pleasure jolt that might help defuse the urge. If you choose mint, it has been shown to decrease nausea, which may also help. It gives you a pleasant taste in your mouth which may help suppress purging instincts. It only has a few calories, so it is unlikely to trigger a binge or reactive guilt. If you focus on the sensation of it melting in your mouth, the flavor, and simply be in the moment it may help to get past the urge as well.

2. Remember HALT: examine if you are actually Hungry or if it is truly an emotional response. Try to suss out if you are Angry or Anxious, these can trigger our urges. If you find that you are dealing with one of these emotions, reflect on what you can do to remedy them. Think about if you are Lonely. This is another common trigger that can be changed by finding company, calling someone, or simply getting into a chatroom. Last, but not least, try to figure out if you are Tired. We need to sleep for our mental, physical, and emotional health. Fatigue can make urges stronger and negative emotions more powerful. If this is the case, sleep if you are in a situation where you can. If you are not somewhere you can sleep, get up and stretch and walk around.

I have used these techniques in the past. I still struggle with this disorder, but these things have proven to be helpful to me, and have scientific research to back them up! I hope this is useful to someone else!

Lets keep this one going guys! This is a great thread! :)

at the end of the road we must make a choice, either to sit down and accept defeat, or forge a new path in the hope of something better...

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