Hi! I'm new to this site =)

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Hi! I'm new to this site =)

I found this site today and I'm pretty impressed so far. It seems like people are really supportive here, and there's a lot of information and resources. I've been anorexic and bulimic for 9 years now. It started when I was in high school and I haven't been successful in stopping since then. I've been through two counselors already; I think I have every book on EDs, normal eating, self-esteem, even co-dependency! Nothing's really had an effect on me.

Basically, I'm sick and tired of this daily routine!!! I'm stuck in this bulimic rut. I binge at the same times almost every day. It's like I don't have control sometimes. I don't understand it either, because I'm suck a health nut and I give people advice all the time on how to eat for good health. I have all this really great information in my head, but it doesn't translate through to my actions. Deep down, I know it's more than food and my weight. It's hard to see it that way though.

If anyone needs support, advice, someone to chat with to pass the time or avoid binging...I'm totally willing to help you out if you're willing to be there for me too!!!

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Help...I just want to stop.

How can I snap out of that feeling when I'm going toward the cupboard or fridge? How can I JUST STOP??? It's like I'm in a trance-like state and nothing can stop me.

I just want to stop. I can't deal with this anymore...I want to love myself and be able to go out to dinner without any anxiety, and I feel that it's just so completely hopeless.

Any words of advice??? Please help, I'll do anything not to have to suffer anymore.

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I feel the exact same way

I feel the exact same way because I am sort of a health nut myself. I love eating healthy and actually became a vegitarian for a year. But for some reason after starving myself all day I come home and consume about 10 times the calories I probably need and throw it all up. How can I stop? And keep my same weight at the same time?

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