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I am Lisa
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High achievers

I was just wondering about this. In anorexia patients you often hear the discussion about the afflicted being high achievers. Going for the best grades, high education and such. Is it the same for bulimics? What do you think? Are you a high achiever.

Personally I am a career girl. I am not sure if that is something I want as much as it happened but I went through school with good grades and never though twice about moving on to University. I have a plan of what to do in order to 'succeed' in my career. I always want to excel in whatever I do and I beat my self up if I don't. Up until recovery started I used to have to many things going on at the same time (studies, work, elite training, social activities) and I was upset with myself if I did not get amazing results. Without even questioning that I didn't sleep enough or eat well enough to be able to do so.

Just curious about your thoughts on this.
xx Lisa

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I put myself in this

I put myself in this category...being thin is definitely a part of my picture if a successful put together woman. I am currently working on my doctorate so this fits the profile. I kind of still feel like being excessively overweight is an admission of failure...unless you are I'll...taking steroids for example. what I mean by failure is that your failing to take care if you body...you lack control. basically justvlike a bulimic...except no one knows about this failure in the bulimic.

we can fail to care for our bodies and lack control without being judged and in fact we are rewarded for being thin and apparently fit. once I realized this lie...and that it could kill me...I said F what people think...because most of my life I have been driven by the desire to be well liked and approved of...

Now I'm driven by being a good mother and being an alive able bodied mother. I've grown increasingly aware that this bulimia could result in serious illness or death and I do not want to hurt my daughter for abusing food.

iM still an achiever but now I will invest in achieving wellness which go me does not negate being thin and fit. I have to give up medicating with food and cope in healthier ways.


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yep, definitely fits w/me.

yep, definitely fits w/me. had good grades in school, went to a top uni. in my country, etc, etc.
I always felt a very strong need to be special, to be number one, to be the best.

but then again, who dosent? everybody feels like this at times.
the differences is that normal people recognize these desires as unrealistic. they dont give too much thought to it.

on the other hand perfectionists have this almost compulsive need to achieve these unrealistic goals. and the realization that its impossible makes it even more fascinating...like reaching for sth we know we cant have.
but it only leads to disappontment of course because, were only human after all.

its important to set realistic goals and giving yourself credit for your achievements. that doesnt mean being lazy or anything, it just means youre allowed to take a break, to do what you like to do. its okay to be "cocky" sometimes, thats my take. ;)

Just keep going, no matter what.

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I'm a perfectionist. I wanna

I'm a perfectionist. I wanna be perfect, I wanna do things perfect, I wanna be the best at my job, I wanna be the best girlfriend... I wanna be strong and have self-control, which yeah being thin is a part of for me... So yes I would say I am.. I am a high achiever. I wanna be the best.. (wow I sound like such a snob.. :P ) haha

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totally fits with me...i've

totally fits with me...i've got a few uni degrees, top job, great bf, own property, etc etc.....wierd isn't it that we can strive so hard to be perfect at everything but can't figure out a basic thing like how to eat when hungry and stop when full.....i do think bulimia was/is? a stress relief/outlet of sorts for all the pressure we put on ourselves to be perfect and please everyone.

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