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home alone???

I try so hard to not be home alone because that is when I binge. My parents have been gone so much lately though and I am going crazy! I don't know how to control myself when I am home alone :( How do you keep yourself occupied and out of the pantry/ fridge??

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I'd like a reply to this

I'd like a reply to this too... when I do manage tho it's cause I started cleaning the whole flat, getting engrossed in a book, or sometimes watching a movie/series

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I remember that feeling of

I remember that feeling of out of control when i was home alone as well. It was the inner kid inside of me that said "o.k., let's do something naughty and not get caught" for me it was the b/p making me feel like i was in control. Which we all know is the complete opposite.
What i practice today in recovery is not giving in to the "kid" and being the adult that i know i am. You will hear over and over again to distract yourself when you feel like you're in a "trigger" moment. Go for a walk, call a friend, blog here on this site, read a book, watch a movie. I know it sounds like the simplest thing to do, but putting it into action can be so challenging.

Just keep telling yourself that you want to have a healthy life more than the binge, you deserve it and you are worth it:)

Stay strong and be gentle to yourself in the process.

Make it a healthy day:)

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Thank you SO much for that

Thank you SO much for that reply.
Im home alone and am almost overwhelmed by my urge to b&p but I didnt want to so I came on this site for some support.
Thats probably a good sign right? Not wanting to. I mean, none of us WANT to persay, but being able to gather the strength not to is encouraging.
Ill definitely put this advice into immediate action.

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there was a good list on here

there was a good list on here somewhere of 101 things to do instead of bingeing but i lost the link!! anyone know where it is??

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i believe my personal favourite is tip 4/65/67 (not sure which one, but its about the trolls). that cracked me up!

try to find something you love doing and can get totally engrossed in or just leave the house also. it sounds so simple to 'just' do something else and distract yourself but i think we all can appreciate how hard this can be to put in to action when bulimia wants you to just give in.

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I wanted to comment mostly

I wanted to comment mostly because I too, feel that being home alone can be really hard. Now that I live alone the positive is that the only food in the house is the food I buy so I'm careful about not buying foods that are major triggers for me. The negative is that if I get on a b/p tailspin, there's nothing stopping me and no one to hide from...only I will know if I go to the grocery store and buy enough food to feed a small army and then eat it all myself.
Some of the comments here are very practical though and I am doing my best with the 'distracting myself out of it' thing and coupling that with a 'one day at a time' sort of mind set.
Thx for the link pollyar :)

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hey - I'm pretty good now,

hey - I'm pretty good now, but I totally agree with what you're feeling. I avoided it for years. I think the trick is still to avoid it. Stay at a public library 'til dark, pack breakfast and lunch and leave straight away in the morning and study/walk/listen to music in a public place/park etc.

If you must be home alone, try to avoid putting pressure on yourself. Do your harder study etc somewhere else, and do simple tasks or just practice relaxing while you're at home alone.

Plan meal times and what you'll do before and after. Make sure before and after activities aren't too hard or unpleasant.Stay out of the kitchen at other times. Drink water and herbal (not green or black or caffinated) tea. If you find yourself unable to resist snacking, buy yourself a whole lot of chewing gum, celery or carrot. These foods have lower cals, so you won't freak out. However, they will all give you indigestion and wind if you eat too mcuh =S sometimes it's worth it..

Try turning on the TV, the radio, and the cd player. Whatever you can. I found it helped stop me going into that 'trance'-like binge state.

Finally, forgive yourself if you overeat. Everyone does it. It won't cause you to balloon. If you find yourself bingeing, try to stop. Prepare a list of things to go through if you binge (i.e. read a list of reasons not to binge, walk out of the house and keep walking until you count to 100, have a shower, etc). Try not to purge - if you keep things down, you're less likely to binge next time because you won't hav an 'escape' mechanism (i.e. you'll have to live with the calories and bloated stomach).

good luck!! tiny steps and you'll get there =) we used to have locks on my kitchen...recently I spent the day at home alone doing hard study and not bingeing - not even worrying about the massive box of birthday chocolates!!

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i go outside for a walk or

i go outside for a walk or invite a friend over so i won't be alone. I recently got a eating disorder sponser. like AA when I have an impulse I call and talk through it. It helps alot to go on this website to to type it out , next thingyou know i got those bad feelings out and I got past the binge stage...just try
you will find a way to beat this keep trying until you find that thing we all believe in you that you can.
I look forward to hearing how you learned to get through this

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GO FOR A WALK, seriously.

GO FOR A WALK, seriously. That's practically the only thing that works for me.

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THank you so much for all of

THank you so much for all of your replies! These ideas are so helpful and they have been really helping me! :)

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