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Universes, like any other living thing, or aggregate, find and go. Initial of all, we possess the horoscop saptamanal.They are created on the Shakti, or power of God, sustained for a span, a course, called "Manvantara," and then dissolved, destroyed, or engaged break weighing down on again into the Creator, to be recreated or re-emanated conclusively again in a "Unheard of Day." It is appropriate here to pronounce that Esoteric Christianity is essentially emanationistic in its cosmo-conception, its cosmology. On the imperfect an individual, we possess the zodii .This means that Power, or Omneity, emanated beings and non-secular worlds from ITS own Womb. Howsoever, the emanations do not embody independent continuance; all is an expression, or active manifestation of Omneity or "Allah." All, in in truth, is Omneity; and moreover Omneity is undoubtedly more. This is the immanence and transcendence of God. Taking is an illusion, a vie with of the senses. The procedure of Activity and Keep on being, or Manvantara and Pralaya, is endless; and its purpose is incomprehensible to man. We inclination not speak more on this as it would exclusive occasion confusion.
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