Horribly boat and odd dreams?

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Horribly boat and odd dreams?

Long story short, I haven't let my room/apartment in three weeks. I'm in grieving mode I guess and I'm in a horrible mist of a relapse.
Anyway, I've always suffered from bloating but never ever this bad.
My stomach sticks out badly, and even I touch it. It's like I can feel all the water move.---It doesnt go away.
I've also been having horrible stomach pains/burns..

I'm having odd weird short dreams.. Like seriously? they don't even make sense. they're short and half of the time, I remember my brain "thinking" i'm not alsleep. Kinda like am watching TV. Idk how to explain it. Its like an out of body experience. I always wake up soaked!

I feel like am going mad:(

Has. Hope.
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Trust me your not going

Trust me your not going mad.
I actually a night or two after b/p I always have weird dreams, sometimes on a normal basis since this has sadly become my life..
And I'm always bloated, never am I not. When I lay down I can feel it moving inside me, uugh worse feeling ever. Your not alone.

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. - Anne Frank"
"Hope is a waking dream." <3

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