How am I supposed to be satusfued with normal portions of food

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How am I supposed to be satusfued with normal portions of food

I don't even know what a"normal"portion of food is. Does anyone else have this problem

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One of my biggest challenges

One of my biggest challenges and one which I am still learning.
And its so difficult to judge what 'normal' is because ordering out or eating out is mostly MASSIVE portions and each and every individual has different appetites and what they consider to be normal.
I try to look around at what 'normal' people eat and how often etc.
Or I feel I have an enormous appetite so I will always order sides but of healthy options like a side of veg or salad just so im as full as I need to be. Or when I prepare my lunches for work I will make little tubs of side salads up or healthy crackers etc just so I have few healthy extras along with my meal/snack of choice.
Look at packets and labels and how much grams they consider a portion. And then add a healthy extra if you feel you need. Wether its a weighed portion of cereal, and then add extra fruit. Or meat and carb and then add as much extra salad and veg, or a snack of nuts/bars whatever you snack on but if you don't feel satisfied add some veg or fruit.
I hope this helps, but again its something that will come down to time and intuition. Eat what satisfies you without making you feel stuffed to the point of it turning into a binge or purge.

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When I started SE I remember

When I started SE I remember feeling like this - I couldn't even imagine what a normal portion was. I started coping other people, and also reading the labels on the packets and like Angel said - giving myself a little extra. In the beginning its best to eat portions that a bit larger rather than too small. It balances out eventually - after a few months you will be able to do this, I promise! If you can stick to structured eating, in a few months time you will start to get in tune with real hunger and fullness and you will know exactly what portion size you need. At first its hard, and the way you feel is totally normal. But just use trial and error - if you get binge urges later in the day, add more food earlier in the day! The best way to get good at eating is to just eat.

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