How to avoid a trigger time

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How to avoid a trigger time

I find that my main time for weakness is when I am driving home after work in my car. I am alone and always find weakness to binge in these moments. I have been trying to make plans and keep them, like go to yoga, or clean my car, but I have a hard time always following through. Has anyone had an experience like this? If so, do you have any advice on what else I can do?

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This was the biggest problem

This was the biggest problem I had...the post work binge urge...beginning with the drive home. It had almost completely gone away when I started doing SE honestly (for my first month of joining BH). Then last week I started to restrict just a tiny bit while at work and that drive home binge urge came back like a monster. Based on my experience, I would ask if you are honestly getting enough calories prior to that drive home. Are you having a snack about 1-2 hours before that drive. Also, I did find that if I forgot my afternoon snack (which is often a balance bar) I could eat it slowly in the car and talk myself away from the urge.


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I agree. I find that the

I agree. I find that the transition time after work is when I struggle mentally with my demons. I don't eat in the car, but I always wonder if tonight, like so many other nights, I will purge my dinner. I have noticed that if I go to the gym to lift, or plan a walk with a friend, I usually have fewer binge urges...right now that is only something I can do once or twice a week, but it is helpful. Also, I try to eat a little protein snack around 3:30 or four...string cheese is a stand by, or an Odwalla smoothie...that helps reduce the urges to overeat when I get home. I found that a cocktail or glass of wine IS NOT my friend on an empty stomach (while I cook dinner) ...that is set up for major trigger city!! And truthfully, I do notice if I undereat in the day....salad for lunch, small breakfast, etc. that I am much much more inclined to want to binge by the time I drive home from work. Does any of this ring true for you as well? I am still learning about
Myself and these are just a few things I noticed.... Hopefully they are helpful to you in uncovering your own truths and needs.

Wishing you well! Jumper


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Like people have said above -

Like people have said above - make sure you are eating enough during the day before this drive! It will remove some of the strength of this urge because you won't be physically hungry! There might still be a little urge if this has been a pattern for you, but it won't be a strong if you are eating enough calories and enough fat, carbs and protein!

Also, maybe you could have a little snack of a food you love before the drive? Or a juice or drink while you drive? Just while these urges are here and you feel like you need to protect yourself?

Hope you are okay! You can do this! xoxo

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I have the exact same

I have the exact same problem! SE is not a problem during breakfast and lunch, but as soon as I come home from work and there is nobody around, I get the urge to eat a lot! So maybe I should eat more for breakfast, snack and lunch.

Since you drive your car home, maybe it would be an idea to have something healthy to eat (prepare this at home) while you drive, and play the guided eating audio while you eat?

Good luck! XXX

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Yup. I hear ya!! It doesn't

Yup. I hear ya!! It doesn't help that I live in the land of fast food drive thru and know where EVERY one is on my way home (I pass 6 on a 12 mile drive home). It's always a mental binge urge. Sometimes it's also physical hunger, but even then I want what I want and it's not necessarily what I brought with me to eat on my way home. It doesn't help that I work til 10 at night sometimes and my dinner break is at 5 or 6. I barely have time to potty in between clients let alone eat a snack.
Honestly, the only thing that helps me is distraction and making it inconvenient to stop. If I'm feeling the urge I call a friend and make them tell me a story so I'm engaged in something else. Most of my friends don't even know I'm struggling with bulimia. I just put in my hands free set and start making phone calls to catch up. I also try to avoid passing my usual haunts (changing my route if possible) or at least get in the furthest lane from the drive thru. If I know what I want is coming up on my right, I get in the left furthest lane. Since there's usually traffic (even at 10pm) the other cars become an obstacle preventing me from giving in. It's not a perfect strategy but it's often effective.

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I've found the most powerful

I've found the most powerful instrument I have in coping with weak times is the people around me. They don't even have to know the reason why, but I started scheduling walks or Skype conversations at certain times of the day, so I actually am held accountable to someone for being in a certain place and doing a certain thing, regardless of whatever urges are happening. And then, even if I'm super agitated when we start, usually within fifteen minutes or so, things have started to calm down in my mind. Doesn't always take care of it, and sometimes it still happens after, but it does crest the hill most of the time. And what everyone else said--don't restrict during the first part of the day in preparation for a later binge. It's a self fulfilling prophecy. Good luck!

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Thanks everyone for all of

Thanks everyone for all of your input. I realized that I was not eating enough food during the days that I get urges on the way home and also that it is a mental habitual thing that I'm still learning to overcome and fight. Having my favorite snack in the car with me is a great idea. Also, I've been calling people while I'm driving to keep my mind off the idea of stopping anywhere to get the vicious cycle started. Also, I joined a yoga studio which is helping me learn to honor my body and treat it well. I am not fully recovered but all these ideas are very helpful and I want to thank everyone who has helped me!! <3

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