How can I avoid a binge if some of the foods my husband keeps in the house are triggering foods for me?

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How can I avoid a binge if some of the foods my husband keeps in the house are triggering foods for me?

Okay. I have decided to make a list of foods that trigger a binge for me and I realized that many of the foods that I turn to are foods my husband enjoys and keeps in the house. Would it be wrong for me to ask my husband to not keep those foods in the house while I am trying to conquer this thing? I mean, I want him to be able to eat what he wants but he keeps some of my favorite binge foods in the house all the time like Nutty Bars and brownies. It would probably be easier to keep on track if temptation wasn't just around the corner lurking in my kitchen cabinets. Any ideas anyone?? Thanks!


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i can tell you what i have done

For me it is a mental thing. I have told myself that my parent's food is of limits. Like if i ate it it would be stealing in a sense. it has really helped me. That and i have planned my meals out and posted them on the fridge so i can remind myself that it is okay to eat and i don't need to binge because i am allowed to eat at snack and meal times...

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adrienne has a good idea,

adrienne has a good idea, that is a helpful way for me too. It's not 100% effective, but even if it keeps me at bay most of the time, then that's still something!

Also if there is a tall cupboard you could put it in, or maybe ask your hubby to keep the treats in an area and not tell you where. Out of sight out of mind! That way you have to make a bit of an effort to get the food, whether its getting a chair or hunting for it. Once again, not 100% effective, but even if it buys you 2 minutes to think about what you're doing, whether you're really hungry, what you could do instead, etc...well that's 2 minutes well spent.

When I was living with my dad I asked him if it would be ok if instead of harboring these binge foods in bulk in the cupboard, if he could instead make a TRIP to the bakery to get JUST go to a bakery and get something special, rather than having a box of little debbies sitting out to tempt me. He was fine with that, and it was becoming cute thing we'd do together once a week. My dad is a total foodie, so it will be impossible to make him understand the pain I go through with bulimia...he enables it so much!! So I try to make little compromises untill I have the ability to control myself around my triggers. Sadly my dad just went back to his old ways of "here, i bought you a box of pastries so we don't have to go out today!" but maybe your sweetie is more understanding.

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Binge food

During the early stages of recovery some people prefer to banish the house of all triggering binge food. If this binge food is making your recovery harder then think about putting a temporary ban on your husbands food! It's not for long and I am very very sure your husband would rather you make a good recovery than indulge in his treats as you hide in the corner. It can really help to work as a team with this - ask your husband to help you as much as possible.

Best of luck,

Ali :)

Ali Kerr
Recovery is so very very possible!

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I totally agree...

that it is okay to put a temporary ban on trigger foods. In fact, I've asked my fiancee to do just that. It was embarrassing for me to have to ask, but he had no problem with limiting his grocery selections for a while.
I believe that if your partner understands the nature of this ED and what it takes to set and keep one's self on a path to recovery, they should welcome any opportunity to aid in your treatment.
After all you two are in this together - for better or worse, right?
And we are in this together, too - keep fighting the good fight, cheers!

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Out of sight out of mind

I kind of understand how you feel. I live with my boyfriend and he keeps candy and junk food all through the apartment. So I "clean" everything up. I try to keep all his junk food in one cabinet so its "convenient for him." Then I avoid that cabinet like the plague.

So maybe it would help you to keep his foods in a different spot away from your healthy recovery foods. If you two never bumb into each other then its harder for it to call to you. Kinda what Pandorax and Adrienne already said, those things work best for me.

Good luck!

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This may help

I have not had much trouble with this but I have recently gone through something that may help...I have recently started keeping my water bottles and other things that aren't affected by heat in my trunk because my roommate drinks them all! It was getting so frustrating to come home and open the fridge to see my stuff gone that I finally just loaded it all up and created a little cooler of things that she took to put in my trunk, mainly my water and those flavor packets you can mix in, NO food. It's really no hassle to go to the car to get it, and I'm starting to make a habit out of grabbing a bottle whenever I get out of the car to go inside. I live in the deep south (U.S.) so heat is a big issue when it comes to carrying food in the car no matter how long you're in it...but since it is still February, you may live somewhere that is still going to be cold for the next few months. Maybe you could ask your husband to do this with his snacks in his car. They'll be out of sight and pretty hard to access. Good luck!

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Yep, a separate cabinet for

Yep, a separate cabinet for his food. Or if your willpower wavers, put the trigger food in something with a lock that only he has the combination/key to.

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Tell him you're bulimic and

Tell him you're bulimic and ask him to remove the food. What's more important: his junk food or your recovery?

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I agree that if this is a big

I agree that if this is a big problem for you that you ask that those things not be kept in the house while you are working on recovery. If you were an alcoholic, would it be as bad for you to ask your husband to not keep alcohol in the house while you are working on recovery? When I was married, I did all the grocery shopping so it was easy to keep a lot of the stuff out of the house so when my husband and kids wanted ice cream, we went out and got some. It was a little family or 1x1 date versus having to keep the stuff in the house. If there is some type of dessert or something he likes to keep in the house maybe you can approach him with saying, I really am having a difficult time with this in the house so maybe we can have a date night at x time to go out for this particular food?

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