How can my body think it is 'starving' if I am gaining weight?

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How can my body think it is 'starving' if I am gaining weight?

O.K. - here is my question... I have been told countless times that the reason I am almost always very hungry is that my body is used to being starved & is trying to hold on to food to compensate. How can this be if I am gaining weight? When I am B/P I gain weight slowly, so how can my body be 'starving'? It is getting MORE than it needs. To clarify, I am by no means underweight - very average BMI. If I diet I am always hungry. If I B/P I am ALWAYS hungry, and if I eat 'normally' I am almost always hungry. I have tried adding in tons of fruits & veggies, go heavy on the protein & drink lots of H2O. Honestly, I feel I am doing everything right but still have this terrible (physical, not mental) emptiness. I have realistically looked back over my food diaries, and I am eating enough for a VERY large man - not a medium size 41 year old woman. I continually have people comment on the size of my meals & ay I eat a ton... I AM gaining weight, and I hate this! Am I genetically supposed to be very overweight? Is my hunger signalling that I need to put on HUGE amounts of weight? Please - someone help me with this! I HATE going around hungry all the time - it is soooo distracting!

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There could be several

There could be several reasons for constant hunger.
How long have you been in structured eating? I think it takes a while for our bodies to normalize, so give it a few months and your hunger should normalize. Also, BMI index is a tricky thing to go by. I'm always at the high end of healthy BMI for my height, but people say I look thin and think I weigh less than I actually do. They are surprised when I tell them my weight, so don't let that be your guide. The higher muscle content you have, the more you weigh and the more you need to eat.
Also, what is your eating schedule like? Some people need several smaller meals during the day to stay satisfied, so maybe eating more often could help.
You could try smaller meals and extra snacks, or less snacks with bigger meals and find what works for you! Best luck xoxo

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We also have to see that

We also have to see that B/Ping screws with our fullness/hunger signals. .and even though you may be gaining weight your body may still take awhile to stock up on all the vitamins and minerals it needs from the food. I remember a couple years back I was at my biggest but I lost my period because the minerals and vitamins and iron and such that my body needed were still too low, with all the B/Ping that was going on, when we purge we retain some calories, but hardly enough of the good stuff from what we ate.

Like Aunt-jen said, try to stick with structured eating for awhile, and make sure what you're eating when you get hunger pangs, is something nutritious.. So your body doesn't feel cheated. ;)

Good luck!

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Thanks - good insight! I

Thanks - good insight! I suppose maybe I am starving for nutrients - just not food in general? I am on day 7 now, and am already starting to feel like meals satisfy me (somewhat). I am going to keep it up - can't go anywhere but up from where I've been! Every time I get the urge to B/P it is because I am fearful of getting fat, so I keep reminding myself that recently when I was B/P the most I was gaining weight, so what it the point? I am determined not to weigh myself or quite a while - I am afraid this will be too much & will possibly derail recovery.

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That is how I felt two months

That is how I felt two months ago before starting here. I had a fair amount of recovery from bulimia. I ate every 4 hours and plenty of food. I BP occasionally. I always wondered about my excessive hunger. I found the day after BP was when my hunger was really out of control. I read that when you BP you still produce a lot of insulin and your blood sugar is really out of whack and that is what drives your hunger. I really believe that. The other thing for me anyway switching to eating every 3 hours instead of every 4 was huge. Its between hour 3 and 4 that I get starving. So after 2 months of no purging and only a couple of minor binges I feel my appetite is changing. It is a long way from normal but it is better.

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