How to Communicate with Supportive Boyfriend?

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How to Communicate with Supportive Boyfriend?

Hello you beautiful people,

I have just recently moved in with my boyfriend. He knows about my ED, he is amazingly supportive and caring and wants nothing more than to help me overcome bulimia. However, I've spent so long hiding, lying, ashamed that I'm finding it incredibly difficult to be honest with him about what I'm going through on a daily basis. I'm so worried about gradually alienating him because I don't want to talkā€¦ does anyone have any experience with this? Any ideas on how to ease myself into communicating about bulimia?

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I think that honestly is key,

I think that honestly is key, yet details that people without ED won't understand are not really necessary.. And Starting with even saying things like.

"Today is rough for me because I'm having confused thoughts"
"Today is actually good cause I ate my SE even though I binged breakfast"

It doesn't have to start off as a huge open hearted story everyday. I think we need to take small steps towards communication, since there is so much involved in our ED story, there is no way to communicate it all at once in a big flow. But as we begin the easier it becomes.

Good luck, and hang on to that man of yours. Mine is what got me through all of this. :)

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