How do you get the courage to change things?

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How do you get the courage to change things?

Hi there!

S I have finally finished uni, and am 80% recovered from my ED. I can now move out of the city I live which has been my wosh for a while. I am scared and reluctant to commit - I think I need to focus on what I could get rather than how difficult it will be - does anyone have any advice about how to build up courage and go for it?

Thanks heaps!



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Hey :) It's fantastic to hear

Hey :)

It's fantastic to hear that your're doing so well with your recovery. I have just started uni and my recovery journey so it's really inspirational to me that change is possible!

Perhaps you could adopt the same attitude to moving, as what you have adopted to overcoming your ED. When you started your journey, if you sat there and worried about everything that was going to be difficult, you never would have gotten started! I am someone that hates change so I can fully understand your reluctance to fully go for it. However, there are obviously reasons why you want to move so try and keep your focus on those reasons. Undoubtedly, there are going to be stresses along the way and there are going to be times where you may question your decision. But, deciding to overcome an ED has to be one of the most courageous and difficult things you can go through. So compared to that, moving will be a piece of cake! Keep reminding yourself that if you can battle an ED, you can battle anything!

Much love xx

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