how does here help ??

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how does here help ??

What I was hoping for was an online program that I could work through until I was accepted for treatment ......

Since I have joined I have found the food diary and binge diarys which I am going to try to fill out as honestly as I can am desperate for some support as I am binging and purging at least every day

Just wondered how this site has helped with peoples eating disorder ?? and if there is something I am missing ??

Thanks a lot for any help


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When you become a paid-up

When you become a paid-up member you have access to the e-book (which is literally a life-saver), the audio files (guided eating, relaxation, diffusing binge urges, etc.), access to the whole website, etc.
When I first joined I did the seven-day free trial with daily e-mails and found them so useful that I paid the joining fee (which was nothing compared to the money I have flushed down the toilet over the years) and haven't looked back since.
After nearly 30 years of battling this disease, I am finally well on my way to recovery. It really works!
I suggest that you sign up for the free trial (seven days) and, if you find it useful, then think about full membership.
Hope you are accepted for the treatment you want as soon as possible.
Sending you lots of strength xxx

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I'm still fairly new to the

I'm still fairly new to the site but it is already helping me so much! I read the ebook which really motivated me and then kinda forgot about the online part of the program, but it's only now that I'm fully using the online part that I'm seeing changes in my habits. For something which a very private and secretive illness just talking about experiences of bulimia and seeking advice and comfort from others who completely understand where you're coming from helps so much! It's a support network that I just didn't have when I've tried to overcome my disorder on my own in the past! Hope this helps xx

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Under "Tools" I use the

Under "Tools" I use the journal. It has specific questions to help focus on the positive (like being grateful and what you did right) and not just the negative. I've tried the "positives list" but I've never been good at complimenting myself so that's still empty. I've looked at the "thought buster" but I never remember to use it when I NEED it.

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