How to get through that first day of committing to recovery?

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How to get through that first day of committing to recovery?

I deeply want to get better and I understand that recovery is not about deciding one day to never binge or purge again, it is rather about making progress. But, I can't seem to get through that first day of any real progress and when I feel like my day was worse than even the one before, I just want to give up. Any tips? I feel so hopeless!


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What do you like to do?

What do you like to do? Start your day with a healthy breakfast (I suggest listening to the guided eating audio track and recording your satiety) then go do something that you enjoy. Remember that you get to eat again in 3 hours. You just have to get through 1 hour at a time :) You can do it!


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Thanks Sunshine! I am

Thanks Sunshine! I am terrified of tomorrow but I am definitely ready to let go of all of this and focus on my health. I guess I just feel so stupid for not being able to conquer this. It helps knowing I'm not alone! I look forward to the audio and thanks for your help. One hour at a time;) I'll let you know how it goes!


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How do we find the guided

How do we find the guided eating audio track ?

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Even if you can't make it

Even if you can't make it through the whole day, practice delaying yourself. 5, 10, 20 minutes at first. You can delay more and more and maybe even lose the urge! It just takes practice!

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