How I recovered!

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How I recovered!

First let me say thank you for all the kind words. I really appreciate that. I would like to share how I recovered with the hope that it can help you. After so many years, I was severely depressed and hopelessly a chronic bulimic. I felt that it was getting worse and felt an impending doom that the end of my life was near. My appetite was insatiable no matter how much I binged or purged. I felt if I could stop the appetite, then I would be able to break the never ending cylcle.
I started researching the net for anything that would stop the cravings. I searched relentlessly and I found other people on line who said that eating a traditional diet helped them recover.( This diet includes eggs, milk, vegetables, fish, butter , vegetables, poultry, beef and avoiding white flour, sugar,vegetable oils, margarine, hydrogenated oils which include palm canola,safflower). Use coconut and olive oil instead. All processed foods had to go and whole fat everything was welcomed and not low fat or fat free products. I didn't expect to miraculously recover after so many years. I just wanted and hoped for some relief from the constant cravings. I plunged in not knowing how long I cook eat this way, cease binging or keep any of it down. I prayed and used will power. Almost Immediately my cravings just stopped.
I had intense bloating and constipation for 2 months. I was so afraid I would gain weight, but I didn't. My depression has lifted and I feel wonderful. I have been able to add some things back into my diet like ocassional treats and sometimes white bread. The cravings haven't returned and I now get that signal to stop eating that I thought I would never feel again. Eating this way is the only thing that has ever helped me and I have tried nearly everything. My condition was chronic, binging and purging 20 times a day. It is only by God's grace that I'm alive today and that my 3 children were born healthy. I hope and pray that these words will help you. Oh, and a book that also helped was Eat Fat Lose Fat ( more about feeling satisfied from eating fats than losing fat) God bless you and beat bulimia!

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This is really motiating

This is really motiating thank you <3 xxx

If a door closes behind you, lock it & leave it that way. It's shut for good reason. <3

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This is great.

This is great. Congratulations.....I have a question, did you have fruits and foods like rice, pasta, potatoes etc... What made you so motivated to not give into having some sweets, junk food?

Your post is a great inspiration.

Thank you.

Best wishes

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