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How ironic

I love how i'm signing up for help and actively searching for ways to conquer my ED, but at the same time I am totally bingeing while doing it. It's SO disgusting. I HATE this!!

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don't you just Love

don't you just Love irony?!

BUT the good news is, you're searching for help hurrah! it's funny that i think alot of people tend to look for help after a particularly bad episode. i guess you need to be pushed to the limits in order to be pushed to find help.

try not to beat yourself up too bad... baby steps.

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I've spent hours on this site

I've spent hours on this site while bingeing. It's a natural step in the recovery process. The investigation phase. Where a part of you is ready and wants it, so you start to take steps in the direction of recovery. But there is that nagging voice holding you back. Admitting you have a problem and starting to inch towards recovery is so much better than sticking your head in the sand and pretending everything is ok. You're amazing just for being here.

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I totally understand. I'm

I totally understand. I'm stuck in a rut right now too. But I'm here because I want to get better - even if I'm not dong it well yet.

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