How to leave food on the plate!? A question for the vets.......

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How to leave food on the plate!? A question for the vets.......

I'm looking for best practices, mantras, insights, anything that helps navigate the tricky issue of learning to throw away food.

The guilt of being wasteful, the deprivation of not getting to enjoy a nicely prepared meal, the "I learned to clean my plate" mentality... whatever terms it's placed in, there has to be a parting of ways with unnecessary food.

I like learning to do things right the first time, so I'm wondering what techniques and strategies people have had success with here.

Hoping to hear a million great ideas, or a great idea a million times...... appreciate the help <3


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I used to say an "out-loud"

I used to say an "out-loud" apology to the earth/God/whatnot. I'd say, "I know this is destructive, but it's less destructive than bingeing and purging, and I won't always need to do this, and I know you understand. I'm sorry."

Ideally, you can give the food away instead of throw it away. And composting is good. I felt less guilty about composting than throwing food away. Also, keep it in perspective: think of how much food is thrown out by restaurants at the end of every day.

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If its more food than you

If its more food than you need at that moment, it is wasted. It's wasted if you eat it and didnt need it, it's wasted if you eat and purge, it's wasted if you throw it away. You've got to get over it. Yes, save left overs - I love left overs. But there's nothing constructive that comes out of eating more than you body needs. Use logic. If you clean you plate, are there fewer starving children in Africa? No, there are not.

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Right! I'm at the place

Right! I'm at the place where I sit there bickering in my head, stating reason and then countering with some b.s. like, "it's just a couple bites." That couple bites makes all the difference between an eating disorder and healed. That hits pretty hard.


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I always ate everything on my

I always ate everything on my plate at first. So I put less on my plate, if I really needed more I could get more. The other thing is you can leave some food and eat it again in three hours.

When you are going through hell, keep going.

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I've gotten into trouble in

I've gotten into trouble in the past trying to push small portions, then going back for seconds, then getting too full, then coming unhinged... Classic m.o. actually. Just trying to find the quiet mental space that comes with proper balance...... I know it's in there somewhere. Thanks for the thoughts.. I'll try em out <3


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